Monday, January 30, 2017

Le Sport (See Jane Wear)

old camel coat (very similar and on sale!), Paige skinny jeans (on sale!),
Vince turtleneck, Gucci belt, Chanel bag, Stan Smiths, lips: Nars 'dragon girl'
It's Monday and I couldn't be less well-rested.  My kids are both regressing in their sleep (well, the newest little guy has never been fond of sleeping through the night) so everything else in my life needs to be as simple as possible.  Same camel coat I've been wearing the past three years?  Check.  Black skinny jeans?  Check.  The turtleneck I posted about on Friday?  Check.  Just one of those days, guys.

Friday, January 27, 2017

The Winter Weekender (See Jane Wear)

old Zara coat (old but similar), J Brand jeans, Vince sweater (on major sale!), 
LL Bean duck boots (similar on sale), Mansur Gavriel bag (look for less here)
Let me introduce you to my typical weekend winter look.  If snow is on the ground or I simply want my feet to be cozy, you'd better believe that my bean boots are on.  Jeans, that's an easy one--dark denim or black are what I wear.  Did you know of my affinity for turtlenecks?  I wear them so much (I'd guess that 80% of my sweaters are turtlenecks) so I'm definitely donning one on the weekend.  Lastly, a cool coat; it's a known fact that I'm a coat hoarder (husband and family can verify that) so I try to wear as many as I can all winter (and I'm usually successful because winter is half the year).

Happy weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Sleeve of the Season (See Jane Bell)

Statement sleeves are IT this season.  We were introduced to the bell sleeve last year and it's still going strong.  These are the tamer statement sleeves--statement sleeves for the beginners, if you will. I started experimenting with the statement sleeve last year and I've been a fan ever since.  I love these bell sleeves as a safe way to try out a fun trend (and most of these are digestible price points); for a no-brainer look, just pair with skinny jeans and a ballet flat or fun mule.

And next up for me?  This Zara jacket--it's fabulous.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Pop of Blush (See Jane Wear)

DL1961 jeans (shop white jeans here), JOA sweater (shop JOA here), J Crew coat (also here and factory version here), Halogen booties (shop brown booties here), old scarf (similar and shop pink scarves here), YSL bag

White jeans in winter--you all get my campaign by now (I'm not being paid by The White Jeans of America Association, I promise.  I just really feel the need to keep it fresh during the doldrums of winter).  I'll stop beating a dead horse, but I want to be sure I've convinced you that you can also pull it off.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Somewhat Elevated Mom-iform (See Jane Mom)

I never understood the "momiform," that is, until I had a second kid.  'I'll be the cute mom who still wears white!' I said to myself.  That's fine and dandy until they wipe their peanut butter and jelly stained face on your pant leg.  And while I DO still wear white, I know that there is a time and place (and that time and place is called 'work' when I'm around adults).

The momiform gets a bad rap and yep, I'm a hypocrite--mostly because I wrote off you pants.  I really never wore them until after I had Teddy; holy cow, I have been missing out...they're amazing (I lived in this pair)!  High-rise yoga pants are perfect for postpartum and I felt like they were particularly perfect for my c-section (if you've had one, you know all about the c-section shelf).  Ok, but I digress as it's not all about yoga pants; but it IS about easy basics that you can mix and match seamlessly while feeling put together; hey, you might even pull it out of the hamper, realize it's not THAT dirty and wear it again.  No?  Just me?  Ok.

Here are some of my go-to basics, perfect for a mom or anyone who wants easy basics!
jean leggings - they're leggings that pose as real pants.  amazing.
distressed jeans - just because I want to go to bed at 9PM doesn't mean I've lost my edge.
camel wool coat - put on a camel coat without feeling put-together...can't do it--its impossible!
scarveswraps - you have to make tweaks when you're wearing the same camel coat all the time.
sunglasses (this is my next pair) - for tired eyes--whether it's the four-month sleep regression or a late night Netflix binge.
sweaters - buy as many as your budget allows as the sweater/denim combo is a mom specialty. (love this turtleneck, this v-neck, and this striped number)
flat booties - can't run after junior in four inch heels #amirite?
comfortable flats - I love a good heel but a chic flat?  I'm forever yours.

Monday, January 16, 2017

The Subtle Stripe (See Jane Wear)

rag & bone sweater (this one is similarly amazing with a dramatic back), similar coat (love the boxy shape of this one, too!),
Paige jeans (my favorite black jeans, by far, but also love this Frame pair), ChloĆ© heels, Gucci belt, similar sunglasses
First of all, this winter is messing with us.  Mid-January and I have bare ankles?  It's true (and a little unsettling) and I have the outfit to prove it.  (Disclaimer: I normally commute in boots or tennis shoes and change shoes at the office.)  

When I saw this striped sweater at Nordstrom, I knew it was destined to be a part of my collection; truthfully, I've yet to meet a stripe I haven't liked so the odds were in her favor.  This time of year can be bleak--I mean, I'm thankful for exposed ankles so it's truly the little things that perk me up, so adding some fun pieces to your closet via Nordstrom is a great way to get through the winter blues. Stripes are universal and I personally wear them all year round (this sweater would transition seamlessly from winter to spring...with these jeans?!). Accessories and shoes help, too; you probably have noticed I wear this Gucci belt from Nordstrom (and for some reason I'm drawn to this tiger one, too) way too's all about cost per wear!

Are you embracing these unseasonably warm temps, too?

*Thanks to Nordstrom for partnering with this post!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

How To Wear White Jeans in the Winter (See Jane Wear)

photo 1: white jeans, old Gap cable knit sweater (similar Gap one), LL bean boots (similar on sale), YSL bag, KyiKyi hat
photo 2: white jeans, old flannel (similar on sale), Vince sweater, old camel coat (similar), Adidas sneakers, leather carry-on bag (on sale!)
People tend to shy away from white in the winter.  I get it--it can be slushy and dirty out there, but for some reason, there's nothing I love more than a winter white.  I think the easiest way to reprogram your mind into realizing there's room for white beyond summer is incorporating white jeans into your wardrobe year round.  White is a neutral and I think it looks so chic with boots and chunky sweaters; in fact, I love a good white/gray/neutral combo.

Shop white jeans HERE.
Shop grey jeans HERE.
Shop white sweaters HERE.

So, how about it--do you embrace winter white?
photo 1: fine, these are light gray jeans, old Zara sweater (similar), Manolo Blahnik pumps, old camel coat (similar), Chanel bag
photo 2: white jeans, J Crew coat, Vince sweater, old Zara boots (similar), YSL bag, Illsteva sunglasses

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Zara Fan Favorites (See Jane Wear)

Zara sweater (similar - and this color is amazing),  Zara button down (shop white button downs here), Won Hundred jeans (old but similar), Acne booties (look for less here), Le Specs sunglasses (shop more Le Specs here), ChloĆ© bag

Based on some of your feedback on instagram (thank you!), I'm thinking about incorporating a series featuring some of my favorite Zara pieces.  We all love and appreciate Zara for what it is--on-trend pieces at a great price point but they also sell out super fast.  I often wear a Zara piece here and there, like this bell/tie sleeve sweater (shop bell sleeve sweaters here), and unfortunately am not always able to link them because they do sell so quickly so I thought I'd get in front of it and show you all my rotating favorites. Let me know what you think!

PS These photos were taken next to Heritage Bicycles, an awesome coffee shop in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago - check it out if you're ever in town!

Monday, January 9, 2017

DIY Step Hem Jeans (See Jane Wear + DIY)

old J Brand DIY jeans (inspired by this pair and this pair, shop more step hem jeans HERE), Cinq a Sept blouse (look for less HERE and shop more cinq a sept HERE), IRO coat (shop more camel coats HERE), Valentino shoes (shop more ankle strap shoes HERE), Chanel bag (shop vintage Chanel HERE)
I may not be the craftiest person, but I'd consider myself resourceful.  I did some DIY crafts for my wedding (this was really pre-Pinterest, too, mind you) and always feel a small sense of accomplishment when I'm able to pull off a project that I would otherwise outsource.

When I found these jeans hidden in the depths of my closet, I honestly wondered 1.) how they survived several moves and 2.) if they were some sort of magical sisterhood pair of pants that I kept throwing out but it would magically reappear.  Alas, they don't seem to possess superpowers (I haven't turned into Blake Lively or Rory Gilmore yet..) but I was able to give them a second life.  I tested out the ol' step hem trend and a pair of pants that was one leg out the door (heh) was the perfect guinea pig.  I actually think they turned out pretty well and I was able to test out a trend, to boot.  So tell me, do you ever take matters into your own hands and DIY?

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A Look Back at 2016 and Moving Ahead to 2017 (See Jane Reminisce)

2016 was quite a year; no matter what your personal beliefs or world views, I think we can all agree it was one for the history books.  For me personally, it was a year about growth.  Whether it was my belly, my family size, my patience (and sometimes short fuse), career opportunities and even this blog--I feel like I was constantly pursuing growth.  I'm hoping for just as much growth in 2017 but in different ways.  I'd love to continue to blog effectively would love to hear what you'd like to see.  This blog has always been a special part of my life, for many different reasons, and I want to continue to inspire and be inspired by all of you.  Let's hear what you want!

Here are some big highlights of 2016:

Obviously, the highlight of the year was adding Teddy to the family.  He's now three months and although he's only been with us a short time, I can't remember life without him.

Pregnancy consumed my life--in a good way.  I feel like I was able to embrace pregnancy style a little better the second time around.  A few of my favorite looks are: here, here and here.

I visited Cape Cod (I want to live in this Provincetown house) for the first time and am obsessed.  Hint: we're going back this summer.

We took Harry to Arizona (avoiding Zika while pregnant) for his 2nd birthday; Harry is STILL talking about the cacti.

I bought a Gucci belt that I'm pretty pumped about (it's men's and I bought a size 85).

I'll leave you with one of my favorite photos of 2016 HERE.

And finally, I took a lot of mirror outfit selfies and made my friend Jan take photos of me in the stairwell at work (this was a favorite).

What's on the docket for 2017?

Healthy perspective.  It's vain and cliche, I know--but I'd really like to get in shape and lose this baby weight.  Once I stopped breastfeeding with Harry he was about seven months, that extra 10 lbs that I couldn't shake just fell off (yes, I'm one of those lucky ones who holds onto weight while breastfeeding). I'm still breastfeeding Teddy and frankly, I don't want to wait that long.  I'm going to make sure to keep my calories up but cut out unnecessary sugar and processed foods.  I'd also like to start working out; I'm a decade overdue and it's almost hilarious that I want to try this endeavor with two kids at home, but it's time to make the time.

Time to move.  We aren't leaving Chicago but we need a bigger place....stat.  Don't get me wrong--I LOVE our apartment but with two kids, we're bursting at the seams.  I do want to stay in the city but I'd be lying if I didn't sometimes daydream about having my own driveway (it's the little things).

Back on the travel circuit.  Having a kid really cramps your travel style.  I look at these family/mom blogs who go on adventurous journeys with their families and am in awe.  Well, Eric and I both work in Chicago so it'd be hard to take that kind of time off, but the sheer amount of stuff that you have to pack for children is enough for me to think, 'maybe we don't need to go THAT far for vacation.'  But, we do have a couple family trips planned for this year and I'm excited about them.  Eric and I wanted to go on a couples getaway this past spring for our fifth year anniversary but due to pregnancy and Zika, we decided to put it off.  We should probably plan a couples trip for the end of the year once Teddy is a little older...ideas, anyone?!