Friday, April 28, 2017

I'm Addicted to My iPhone...And I Hate It (See Jane Vent)

Although my content revolves around style, every once in awhile I wax poetically about things I'm passionate about. Remember when I said blogging was dead?  (Hey, I'm still here!)  I also talked about the harsh realities of my post-baby body versus what I see on the internet.  Well, now I'm going to talk about my iPhone addiction--and I'd love your thoughts.

I am absolutely addicted to my iPhone.  I'm not proud of it--in fact, I'm ashamed.  I hate that if I don't know where my phone is, I panic and call a search party to help me find it.  I hate that when I'm in elevators, I look down at my phone instead of making conversation with my co-workers.  I hate that I look down at my phone at red lights (I really hate that I do that).  I hate that my phone is the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I look at before I go to sleep at night.  I hate that as I'm writing all this, I've glanced down at my phone several times in between.

Yes, I know hate is a strong word.  Hear me out.  Checking my phone has become a reflex.  What could have possibly happened in the past six minutes that urges me to look down at my phone?  Most likely nothing.  It's like I'm not allowing myself to be bored anymore.  I've always been taught that from boredom springs real imagination.  Instead, I'm mindlessly scrolling and thinking about nothing.  I wish I was fully engaged and interacting with the people in front of me rather than reading the latest political sound byte, scouring several real estate apps or looking to see what others (largely people that I don't know) are doing through their social media platforms.   I'm conditioned to demand an immediate response; instant gratification is the norm these days.  I think about my own experiences growing up and how the agony of waiting taught me to have some patience (something I'm in dire need of these days) and it's easy to fall back on the nostalgia factor--'in the good ol' days, we used landlines' and 'I didn't get my own phone until I was in high school--and it only made calls!'  I go there all.the.time.  But, I don't see our current technology going anywhere any time soon, so it's on me to figure out how to deal with my addiction.

Parenting and my own insecurities have forced me to do a lot of self-reflecting on 1.) admitting my addiction and b.) understanding why I hate it.  I look at my kids, Harry in particular, and see how great he is at playing, imagining and entertaining himself and I feel gutted when he tries to get my attention when I'm mindlessly scrolling on my phone.  Not only that, I want to set a good example and encourage him to keep growing that imagination (which is wild at the moment--he uses it every night to get out of sleeping in his bed alone).  Also, I recently watched the movie WALL-E with him and felt like our society is heading for those living on the spaceship.  The turning point for me?  The part where the humans who move solely in their 'hoverboard recliners' talk to the person next to them via video screen.   The person next to them!  Then I realized I have definitely texted a person next to me instead of speaking to them.  Oof.

My last point is not revolutionary; in fact, I think most people whose jobs rely on technology feel this way at some point.  My addiction is exhausting.  I feel the need to keep up with everyone and everything constantly.  I don't always like the emotions and actions that invokes inside me: jealousy of people I don't know, snap judgments about things I don't fully comprehend and the need to google EVERYTHING, etc.

So there we have it.  Am I quitting my phone cold turkey?  Definitely not.  However, I want to curb the addiction and maintain a normal, working relationship with phone.  For starters, I'm going to try and be more cognizant of my behavior--especially cutting down on using it around my kids.  I even thought, as I lay in bed last night, maybe I'll try and leave it home for a day while I'm at work (crazy, right?).  I'd love to know your thoughts on it as I'm sure many of you have felt this way some time or another.  What are your tips/tricks for weaning yourself off of technology 24/7?  I need them.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Shop My Closet (See Jane Shop)

If you follow me on Instagram, you may know that I recently crowdsourced on whether you not you all would be interested in an Instagram sale.  I receive questions about whether or not I'll sell something from time to time and never entertained the thought, but I find myself holding onto more special items that I just don't want to donate, yet haven't worn in awhile.  And when I hoard clothes, it builds Eric's case that I have too much stuff.  I have 16 items listed, but feel good about what I'm selling because I've had several friends text me and say, "why are you selling that! I want it!"  Hopefully you'll all enjoy!

Anyway, let's see how this goes; it's my first rodeo!  Here are the details:

  • Shop the sale over on my Instagram store
  • I set it up auction style where you all can bid until Friday night at 9PM CDT.  
  • Shipping for everything is $7 each (but will combine shipping if you win more than one item)
  • Payment accepted: PayPal or Vemo
  • No refunds
  • Questions? Just comment on the item's photo and I'll respond!

Monday, April 24, 2017

A Natural Palette (See Jane Wear)

Eileen Fisher jacket, Rebecca Taylor dress (similar here, here and look for less gingham version here)
similar heels (look for less here), similar bag, sunglasses
Oh, neutrals, how I love thee.  If you build a closet of soft tones and neutrals, you can add virtually anything to it.  This Eileen Fisher jean jacket from their Eco Exclusives collection via Bloomingdales contributes to my third piece problem (I have no remorse) and seamlessly blends into my spring wardrobe.  I love this jacket because it's not stark white, but rather more of a subdued natural that brings an organic feel to my usual neutral palette.  Sometimes I want to get in touch with my Mother Earth side--and this undyed, natural jacket does the trick.

*Thanks to Bloomingdales + Eileen Fisher for partnering with this post!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Versatile Jean Jacket (See Jane Wear)

Moon River dress (shop more Moon River here), Gap jean jacket (this Madewell one is also perfect) ,  BCBG heels, 
Illesteva sunglasses (shop more Illesteva here), Cuyana bag
My husband was on my case the other day about how our guest room/Teddy's room is also my own personal coat check.  Look, he obviously doesn't read my blog because if he did, he'd understand how important jackets are in a climate such as ours.  He did give me a little credit when he said, "but I admit, you really do wear all those coats."  Thank you, thank you--I'm glad that he notices that I wear my clothes like a good blogger.

Monday, April 17, 2017

My Favorite Spring Sandals (See Jane Wear)

spring 2017 shoe trends
outfit 1: Madewell top (under $50 version here), AG jeans, Halogen mules (also love this criss-cross pair), Chloe bag, Sonix sunglasses
outfit 2: Madewell top, Current/Elliott jeans, Vince sandals (look for less here), similar bag, Sonix sunglasses
My favorite shoe for spring (...and summer)?  I have two that I can't decide between: the mule and the ankle-wrap sandal. Two springs ago, I became obsessed with the easy, mule sandal (it started with the Vince mule heel I saw at Nordstrom in spring 2015).  It was a welcome departure from my pointy stilettos and a nice alternative to the strappy sandal.  At the same time, I wanted ankle-strap/wrap anything--I loved how they looked on my legs.  Both styles, found at Nordstrom, are flattering and I have found them to be extremely comfortable.  I can't seem to resist either style when buying shoes this spring (as evidenced in these photos), but the good news is that both trends have lasting power and will be sticking around for awhile--and the best part is that they're available in a range of price points at Nordstrom.

*thanks to Nordstrom for partnering with this post!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Spring Sale - Shopbop (See Jane Shop)

Greetings from Spring Break!  I'm at the beach with my family but you know I love a good sale AND the opportunity to share my picks with you.  Shopbop is offering 20-25% right now with code "EVENT17." A few of these items are currently in my cart and I need to bite the bullet before the sale ends tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

How to Dress in a Creative Work Environment (See Jane Wear)

The best thing about a casual dress code is that anything goes.  Working in retail means that creativity is encouraged.  Personally, I like to change it up and although jeans are often my default (especially this time of year when the weather can't make up its mind), I try to make every outfit different, even if it's a subtle change.  And even though my dress code is lax, I try to look polished and professional--even if my jeans are distressed.  It's my career and I want to make sure I'm putting my best look forward.

Look 1: J Brand jeans (on sale! + shop more J Brand here), ChloĆ© heels, old Zara top (similar)

Look 2: American Eagle jeans (shop more distressed denim here), Zara sweater (sold out but similar), Vince shoes (similar + shop more oxfords here)

Look 3: IRO jacket (look for less here + shop more IRO here), Topshop tank, old Vince skirt (similar here and look for less here), Steve Madden heels (shop more Steven here)

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Yellow Bell Sleeve Top (See Jane Wear)

Zara top (similar, love this yellow one and an inexpensive version here), Frame denim (similar + shop Frame here), Steve Madden heels (shop block sandals here), Chanel bag (shop vintage Chanel here), Le Specs sunglasses (on sale! and shop more Le Specs here)
While I love my neutrals, I've really been gravitating towards prints and color this spring.  There's something refreshing about a bright, citrus yellow; and you know what--it's nice to see some color hanging in my closet.  But this shirt isn't just about the's about the sleeves.  Statement sleeves are one of my favorite spring trends and while it'd be easy enough to pair this top with skinny pants, I wanted the full-flare effect; I paired it with cropped flares.  Double the flare, double the fun, right?

Some of my favorite statement sleeves:
pressed poplin
embroidered sleeves
beautiful boho