Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Daily Office Style (See Jane Work)

I always receive a lot of questions about my job at Trunk Club (and the dress code) and at this point, I'm so far removed from corporate America, that I just don't think I can go back--especially to that dress code.  I think people are super interested in what others wear to work (I know I am) so I love that I'm able to show you snippets while I'm working.  Is there anything I can help you figure out, wardrobe-wise, at the office?  I can wear just about anything and I try to change it up, so if I can help bring a trend or item to life for you, let me know!


  1. Oooh, I love all these looks and this post! So fun getting a more candid peek at your daily/work looks. And that skirt?! Ah-mazing, seriously!! xo

    <a href="”>Girl & Closet</a>

  2. Gorgeous and stylish lady! All three outfits are fabulous!

  3. The skirt is really pretty! X

  4. Love that pleated skirt!


  5. Out of curiosity, out of all of the clothing at your disposal, what would you wear in a masculine business casual environment?

  6. Cute! In love with those nude heels!!

    xo Mackenzie |

  7. Such a beautiful skirt!

  8. what size did you order for the gucci belt? having a hard time figuring out sizes since it's technically a mans belt. I'm a size US 27 in pants

    1. hi! I am wearing an 85, which would fit you, too (I'm a 26 in pants). 90 would also fit BUT if you get a bigger size, you can always cut it down (that's what men do with their belts) - just take it to a cobbler or see if they can cut it in store.

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