Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Sleeve of the Season (See Jane Bell)

Statement sleeves are IT this season.  We were introduced to the bell sleeve last year and it's still going strong.  These are the tamer statement sleeves--statement sleeves for the beginners, if you will. I started experimenting with the statement sleeve last year and I've been a fan ever since.  I love these bell sleeves as a safe way to try out a fun trend (and most of these are digestible price points); for a no-brainer look, just pair with skinny jeans and a ballet flat or fun mule.

And next up for me?  This Zara jacket--it's fabulous.


  1. Jane, you are amazing! I like your style and checked almost all your posts? Where do you usually buy clothes? I would like to buy something from that shops. Thank you!
    Cheers, Kate from handmadewritings

  2. Hey Jane! Sorry if I missed it but where can I buy the pale blue one on the top right?

    1. Ah, I totally missed it - thanks for calling it out! It's Milly and this one in particular is from Nordstrom:

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