Monday, January 9, 2017

DIY Step Hem Jeans (See Jane Wear + DIY)

old J Brand DIY jeans (inspired by this pair and this pair, shop more step hem jeans HERE), Cinq a Sept blouse (look for less HERE and shop more cinq a sept HERE), IRO coat (shop more camel coats HERE), Valentino shoes (shop more ankle strap shoes HERE), Chanel bag (shop vintage Chanel HERE)
I may not be the craftiest person, but I'd consider myself resourceful.  I did some DIY crafts for my wedding (this was really pre-Pinterest, too, mind you) and always feel a small sense of accomplishment when I'm able to pull off a project that I would otherwise outsource.

When I found these jeans hidden in the depths of my closet, I honestly wondered 1.) how they survived several moves and 2.) if they were some sort of magical sisterhood pair of pants that I kept throwing out but it would magically reappear.  Alas, they don't seem to possess superpowers (I haven't turned into Blake Lively or Rory Gilmore yet..) but I was able to give them a second life.  I tested out the ol' step hem trend and a pair of pants that was one leg out the door (heh) was the perfect guinea pig.  I actually think they turned out pretty well and I was able to test out a trend, to boot.  So tell me, do you ever take matters into your own hands and DIY?


  1. Beautiful coat!

  2. Those jeans definitely turned out well! I love how your coat too!

  3. Love the coat!


  4. Those jeans look great! You did an awesome job with them. Love the look!


  5. I love your coat! And those jeans look awesome!


  6. Fantastic casual outfit, styled to perfection!

  7. Yes! I love these. I cut off the hem on an old pair of Anthropologie jeans and let the fray run up :)

  8. Love this!!!

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