Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Oversized Scarf (See Jane Wear)

scarf (similar oversized scarf here and here), legging jeans, turtleneck sweater, black booties,
otk boots (less expensive version here), similar quilted bag here and here
An oversized scarf is my go-to accessory in the colder months.  I know, I know...everyone says that, but, as a born and raised Midwesterner, we know how to dress for the cold.  We've been wrapping big scarves around our necks wayyyy before they were cool.  This particular scarf from Nordstrom is as soft and cuddly as a puppy--I give it my 'harsh winter' seal of approval.  Nordstrom has so many scarves that fit the bill (some of my favorites are here, here and here).  But warmness aside, scarves are my favorite accessory as they can totally enhance an outfit; check them out on Nordstrom.com--they're functional AND fashionable.

*Thanks to Nordstrom for partnering with this post!