Thursday, October 6, 2016

QVC x Barefoot Dreams (See Jane Cozy)

Barefoot Dreams cardigan, Barefoot Dreams pajamas (last photo), Barefoot Dreams socks (last photo),
Zella yoga pants, nursing tank, swaddle blankets, headboard, pillowcases

Let me tell you about life postpartum: it's an out of body experience.  No matter what you cared about prior to this baby, your priorities move aside and instinct kicks in; all you care about is the well being of your new offspring.  I love clothes, style, fashion--all of it!  But put me through a day of labor, a c-section and the first few weeks of breastfeeding..and well, I'm lucky to be wearing anything throughout the day.  Enter: Barefoot Dreams (which is now available at QVC!).  It's like wearing luxurious clouds and pillows all day long.  I can leave the house and not feel like a hot mess.  I can throw on their long cardi and not worry about how I'm going to breastfeed the baby while at playgroup with the toddler.  But don't let me convince you that comfortable luxury, like this cardigan, is just for post-baby; it's perfect for chilly nights, a long plane ride, or simply when you want to be cozy.  I'm definitely getting my mom one for Christmas and I have a feeling all my sisters will want one, too.  Be sure to check out what QVC x Barefoot Dreams has to offer and I know you will end up living in whatever you get--because when it comes to style, comfort is highly underrated.

Thanks to QVC for partnering with those post!


  1. These photos are so sweet, and that cardi looks heavenly!

    xo, Laura

  2. Such a nice post dear! Thank you!

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