Monday, October 17, 2016

Bordeaux Sweater (See Jane Wear)

sweater (look for less here), jeans (similar)boots (similar), old bag (similar here and here), 
Fall is overrated.  JUST KIDDING.  Forget Christmas, THIS is the most wonderful time of the year.  It's the perfect temperature, the food comforts you, the clothes are cozy and it feels like a new beginning (out with the old leaves as they fall from the trees--there's a metaphor and life lesson in there somewhere).  Sure, society may mock us for freaking out about fall, but I think it's pretty wonderful and it's probably due to the fact that it comes and goes so quickly.  We both appreciate and love it so hard because it's so short-lived.  Plus, shopping for a new season is a thrill.  When I saw this sweater at Nordstrom, I thought, 'yep."  It's cashmere, a beautiful bordeaux color and a turtleneck; that's basically the holy trinity for me.  

It's so easy to mix tones in the fall--not everything has to match perfectly.  I had no qualms about wearing these Halogen boots (yes, Halogen--Nordstrom's brand--don't they look like a Stuart Weitzman pair?!) with various shades of tan.  I love black and brown together; not everyone does, but to me, it works.  So take some chances this fall.  Check things off your bucket list.  And don't be afraid to invest in pieces from Nordstrom that you'll wear for the next nine months.

Thank you to Nordstrom for partnering with this post!


  1. Perfect outfit for Fall, so comfy and casual!

  2. Perfect look!
    xx Isabella

  3. Gorgeous Autumn outfit!


  4. Beautiful sweater :)

  5. This is such a perfect fall outfit! That sweater is gorgeous!!

    xx Chelsea

  6. so pretty and cozy! can't believe the price on those booties!

  7. OMG, I'm OBSESSED with this perfect fall look! I actually LOVE those booties too!

    Pink Champagne Problems

  8. Agreed! Fall is the best time of the year and all the other time of the year can suck it! But seriously, even style is better in the fall!
    The Adored Life

  9. Awesome look! Love those shoes and the sweater!