Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Stroll with Bugaboo (See Jane Stroll)

Holy moly. We all know that having a baby really turns your life upside down.  However, when you already have a toddler at home, adding a newborn to the mix REALLY throws a fast one at you.  I was a bit cocky before I had Teddy.  We had a great routine with Harry; although he's a full-blown toddler now (complete with full-on toddler sassiness), at least Eric and I could tag team when needed.  I think there's a life lesson to be learned here, right?  When you think you've actually got a handle on something, life decides to say, "lol, no."  Anyway, Harry is quite fond of his brother and is extremely cute with him (seriously, it's adorable, but sometimes his kisses are too hard, if you get my drift), but I appreciate and recognize that this is a big change for him AND us--we're all acclimating, to say the least.  Because of all these life changes, simplicity only need apply at the moment.  Enter: the Bugaboo Cameleon3 Elements; it transforms a bassinet (perfect for Teddy) into a toddler seat (perfect for Teddy in a few months or Harry currently).  I took her (the stroller--I decided it's a she) for a stroll in our fair urban jungle this past weekend and was so surprised by how smooth the ride was.  The shock absorption system can't even be compared to other strollers I have or have used--it's incredible.  Teddy didn't wake from the many sidewalk cracks and potholes we encountered and if you live in Chicago, you understand how rough our roads and sidewalks can be.  The black faux leather handlebar and carry handle was actually easy to push and turn (you'd be surprised with how hard it is to maneuver big strollers)--easy enough for big brother Harry to help push it!  I’ve done some pretty intense stroller shopping seeing as I have two kids now and always was intrigued by Bugaboo strollers but never took the plunge.  I was really excited to get the  Cameleon3 Elements and I must say, I’m really impressed by both the design and functionality.  I understand why they have such a cult following.

The Bugaboo  Cameleon3 Elements is inspired by nature and I actually think the pretty, ombré design is the perfect foil to the concrete nature of city living.  Sometimes I'm envious of those who are constantly surrounded by the natural elements--rivers, mountains, rolling hills--but I know I'd have a hard time giving up life in the big city.  I guess you could say the  Cameleon3 is my compromise; it's color and design is unique and stands out in a good away...especially in the sea of all black strollers that everyone pushes around my neighborhood (I'm guilty as I have another all-black stroller, as well).  The Bugaboo Cameleon3 Elements is truly a breath of fresh air--the colors are one of a kind (a river-stone-shade - a mélange) and when it comes down to the brass tacks as a stroller, it totally fits all of my family's needs for our urban lifestyle.

Visit the Bugaboo website to learn more about this stroller and join The Endless Stroll.  And follow along with Bugaboo on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.


  1. Great photos, love your jumper


  2. Ugh, posting about a $1,300+ stroller is nauseating. Especially because you failed to mention the price. Total turn off.

    1. When you use strollers as much as we do (they're a main form of transportation when you're in a city and driving is a pain) it's worth the price! I've used less expensive strollers and they don't have the longevity and end up breaking down due to the bumpy streets and harsh winters.

    2. Agreed! We have the bugaboo donkey and it has been worth every penny for our two little ones. Love the bassinet option and the easy push (one handed) And the bugaboo warranty can't be beat, they sent me a new tire with no questions asked after I (my own fault) damaged one.

    3. I guess these are worth the money...if you can afford it :-( I would say the vast majority of Americans can't throw this type of money at baby accessories. Oh, and I do live in a city, and my "cheap" BOB has withstood the elements and bumpy streets quite well over the past 2 years.

    4. I borrowed a BOB once after my stroller was stolen and they're great strollers--and they aren't cheap by any means. Everyone has different budgets and there are a lot of choices out there; glad to hear your BOB has served you well in the city.