Friday, June 24, 2016

Non-Maternity, Maternity Style (See Jane Wear)

Look 1 // Look 2 // Look 3
I receive a lot of questions about maternity style and while I've bought some maternity-specific items, you can actually get a TON of leverage out of your current wardrobe.  The pictures above are from my last pregnancy and this pregnancy so my advice is to get creative with your wardrobing and invest in the following that you can wear now, during pregnancy and postpartum.

maternity jeans - buck up and get some that you love.  You'll wear them..a lot.  And you'll be a lot more comfortable for it (plus, if you get pregnant again, you'll really wear them a lot!).  My favorites are DL1961, Paige and H&M.

oversized tops - you'll love them before pregnancy and you'll love them postpartum, too.  When I start to really get big, I'll borrow Eric's casual oxfords.  If you don't want to buy maternity specific tops, just buy some in brands you love and make sure they run long so that they'll cover the bump.  I'm all about the buy now, wear now AND later.  My favorites are from Sea, Vince, and Madewell. 

light jackets + open cardigans - again, you can wear these during pregnancy and once you've bounced back, too!  I lived in open cardigans after I had Harry, too--great for lounging around the house when you're taking care of baby and/or nursing.  My favorites are James Perse, Soft Joie, and Barefoot Dreams.

all the dresses you can handle - this pregnancy is different than when I was carrying Harry because it was winter!  I'm taking advantage of the whole 'don't have to wear pants...EVER' situation by stockpiling dresses.  I'm seriously collecting them.  The good thing is that lots of loose dresses are in style and I can order my same size.  I have A LOT of favorites in this category but these dresses by Current/Elliott, Chelsea28, Joie,  and Wayf.


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  2. Great looks and great maternity style .. Love the dress and the eye catching shoes outfit ..

  3. Haha this post actually goes both ways too - sometime I just want longer top to wear with leggings/jeans and will buy from the maternity section in Target!

  4. Fantastic post I like it. Keep it up

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  6. Very cute style! The one on the right is my faves! x