Monday, October 5, 2015

Dusting Up (See Jane Wear)

ASOS duster (shop trench coats here), Paige jeans, Cotton Citizen tee (shop Cotton Citizen Here), Steve Madden heels (shop wrap heels here),
 Saint Laurent bag
 (shop grey totes here) + sunglasses
Trust me, I never thought the word 'duster' would be in my repertoire; I much prefer 'drapey trench.' What does the duster do for me?  It's a nice, light jacket that transitions well from summer to fall.  There are a handful of days that occur here in Chicago and they're beautiful--think 69 - 71 degrees Fahrenheit, calm breezes, sunny.  Yeah, those last about two days and then it's drizzly, cold and time for your warmest parka.  Farewell fall days…I hardly knew ye.


  1. Definitely a fabulous trench, I like it a lot!

  2. How I love this coat! I'm obsessed with these long cuts at the moment.
    xx Carmen

  3. gorgeous outfit!
    i really want a duster coat like that

  4. I am loving this trend and you're wearing it perfectly - also those shoes are amazing!

  5. I absolutely love this look! So simple and chic. I've been on the hunt for the perfect light trench/duster. I'm bummed yours is sold out!

  6. Love this chic look!


  7. The word "duster" reminds me of the long sweaters of the early 2000s. However, I'm loving long sweaters again, as well as this drapey trench. Great look!

    Shae @ Current Habits

  8. love this duster

    Ray-Ban giveaway on my blog!

  9. Love the coat- we just released our new collection today and there's a camel coloured duster coat that's super simple and chic like the one you're wearing!

  10. lovely coat!

  11. Fantastic Outfit! I love the coat and the shoes. Simple and Chic and perfect for the office or a Sunday brunch! Thanks for sharing!

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