Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Office Style (See Jane Wear...At Work)

#ootd via instagram
Believe it or not, I wear more outfits than you see on my blog.  I know--it's crazy!  But honestly, although I love jeans, I do love getting dressed up for work each day.  I work at a fashion company so I feel the need to dress the part.  What's better than a business casual dress code and the freedom to wear what I want each day?  Not much, my friends.

To get a glimpse of what you don't see on the blog, follow me on instagram here (I also snapchat from time to time under username: seeannajane).


  1. 2nd anf 4th outfit are absolutely flawless!

  2. great office outfit
    very chic

  3. Love your uncomplicated, chic office style!
    Red Reticule

  4. Love every single one of these looks - that lace/crochet top is gorgeous!!

  5. I just love these outfits! I always follow your IG :)

    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

  6. OOOOOO! so many good outfits!

  7. Love your style so so much! Top left is my fav!

  8. Love all of these outfits - thanks for the inspiration!


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