Thursday, September 25, 2014

Closet Staples: What to Keep (See Jane Save)

trench / white blouse / shirtdress / motorcycle leather jacket / riding boots / wool cableknit sweater
Thanks to commenter Whitney for inspiring this post idea.  She commented on this post and asked for guidance when deciding which pieces in her closet to hang onto and which to toss.  I thought I'd share my thought process when paring down my own closest.  These are a few things I have yet to give away--mostly because I wear them season after season; even if I take a break from them for a few months, I always return.

On that note, if you're cleaning out your closet in preparation for new fall clothes, I'd suggest donating the following:
1.) Anything that has been in your closet a year and still has a tag (you won't wear it).
2.) That old (see: over two years) pair of jeans you're hoping you'll fit into again soon.  I'm all for keeping different sizes of pants around for weight fluctuations (I just had a baby and not all my pants fit yet, sadly) but if it's been over two years, it might be time to part ways.
3.) That item you love in theory but can't quite wear.  I wish I could pull off every trend that catches my eye (I'm looking at you, culottes) but we've all bought pieces that we love, we wear (once) and ultimately regret.  No harm, no foul--onto the next!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Floral Minidress (See Jane Wear)

Topshop dress, Zara leather peplum jacket (old but similar), Manolo Blahnik BB heels, Chanel bag, Saint Laurent sunglasses
You normally buy a dress like this for one occasion and expect to stuff it back into your closet with the rest of the "I'll totally wear this again" things you bought.  (This closet category is especially good for when friends want to borrow a dress for a certain occasion.)  When I wore this to a rehearsal dinner, I liked it so much that I was determined to wear it again before I forgot about it; and just like that I broke the cycle--I wore this twice in a week!  (If you're wondering, the second time was for Eric's 30th birthday dinner.)

So proud of myself.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Thoughts on Wardrobe Staples (See Jane Wear)

Kenna-T leather moto jacket (old but similar), Forever21 sweater (old but similar), J Crew skirt (on sale and just worn here), Zara chelsea boots (old but similar), Mansur Gavriel bag
As much as I love how social media and fashion have become intertwined, the competition for the next big thing has become even more fickle.  You know that awesome bag that you bought last month?  It's already out of style because the masses have moved onto something else.  Blogs and instagram are amazing platforms for connecting with people and bringing style to anyone's fingertips, but the constant need to purchase more and more gets exhausting.  At the end of the day, what are we gaining other than an overstuffed closet that's full of things that we no longer want because something new online has caught our eye?  

I won't get all sanctimonious because the truth is that I'm just as guilty as the next person.  I've loved shopping my whole life and my early love for fashion singled me out me as a mega-consumer as soon as I had my first dollar to spend  (plus, I work in the retail industry, so it's like I'm extra guilty).  But do you know what feels better than a new pair of boots?  Wearing and loving the boots you bought ages ago and feeling confident in your ability to choose closet staples.  Three out of four things (boots, sweater and leather jacket) in this outfit are 4+ years old and the fact that I can seamlessly pair them with items I've bought in the past couple months feels pretty good.  

Monday, September 15, 2014

Wedding Guest Attire (See Jane Wear)

dress / shoes / bag / ring / ring / ring / wrap

Aren't weddings the best? If you're in the wedding, it's a blast to be part of the couples special day.  If you're just an attendee, you get to relax and take it all in--with delicious food and fun dancing.  And well, if it's your wedding, it's your freakin' day.  I went to a dear friend's wedding this past weekend and when I posted a picture wearing this dress on instagram, I thought I'd blog about it.  A few of my go-to rules when dressing for weddings (when you aren't a bridesmaid):

1.) If you have to ask whether or not it's inappropriate, it probably is.  "Is this too white?"  Probably.  "Do you think the bride will care if I wear this?"  Who knows, but probably.
2.) Bring a wrap--even if the wedding is inside.  Temperatures can never be predicted, even in the great indoors.
3.) Your feet will always hurt from your heels--because, dancing (unless you're BeyoncĂ© or something).  I've personally come to realize that there is no such thing as a comfortable heel, especially when you're standing/moving for hours on end.  Suck it up or wear shorter heels/flats so you can cut a rug pain-free.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Mid-Length (See Jane Wear)

Three dots dress, BDG cardigan, Coach shoes (sold out but similar), Mansur Gavriel bag, Saint Laurent sunglasses
Mid-length hair, mid-length dress and mid-length cardigan.  Come to think of it, I probably should've posted this mid-week.

Happy Monday.

Friday, September 5, 2014

My Favorite Work Bag, Part II (See Jane Wear)

Majestic tank (great for a post-baby body, such as my own), J Crew skirt (similar), Madewell flats (similar on sale), 3.1 Phillip Lim bag, Saint Laurent sunglasses
Sure, this big, ol' bag from Nordstrom looks great with slouchy boyfriend shorts and a messy bun, but it also pairs well with a demure, ballerina outfit.  I personally love black and blue together, so when I err on the dark side, I have no problems taking my navy 3.1 Phillip Lim bag along.  Plus, it's so roomy, I could probably stick Baby Harry AND Jerome in there--with room to spare!

**this post is sponsored by Nordstrom