Monday, March 31, 2014

Citrus + Peach (See Jane Wear)

Zara coat (similar, worn here and here), F21 citron sweater (the pictures wash it out, but it's a yellow-citron...similar), James Jeans maternity (c/o), Madewell leopard loafers, RayBan mirrored sunglasses, Chanel bag

Wow, we are in the home stretch of this pregnancy.  I'm going to be honest: I cannot wait to wear my normal clothes again.  I'm at the point where I'm swollen and retaining water like crazy (such a nice visual for you all to start your Monday morning).  Of course, I'm excited for the end result--finally meeting this baby!  But, in the meantime, I'm getting pretty uncomfortable and having a hard time dressing myself (e.g. things aren't really fitting, total lack of inspiration, etc).  Any tips for these final days/weeks?

Friday, March 28, 2014

Linky Dink (See Jane Link)

This week has been a doozy.  Luckily, the internet provides endless distractions.  Here are a few of my favorite things on the interwebs this week:

1. As an iPhone user for the past 4+ years, I'm ashamed I didn't know ANY of these things.
2. Love her or hate her, Gwenyth Paltrow is often the center of much debate.  As a soon to be working mom, I do get a kick out of this letter addressing GOOP, though.
3. So, pineapples are big this season.  What about bananas?
4. The argument for more hugs (as if we needed one).
5. As someone who could always use help with interior decorating, I especially like the tip about using a touch of black to "finish" a room.
6. I'm craving anything cold or cool; these cupcakes might have to be made this weekend.
7. After I have this baby, I'm wearing a wide-leg jumpsuit--that's for certain.
8. I found my diaper bag.  Too bad it's sold out everywhere in the world.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Make Your Own Açaí Bowl (See Jane Eat)

I'm a former breakfast skipper.  I only started eating it (because apparently a cup of coffee doesn't count) because of pregnancy.  My mom insisted I start eating a nutritious breakfast, but even after I have this baby, I plan on continuing this habit.  When I start my day with something healthy, I don't feel so ravenous at lunch and it starts my day off on the right foot.  I usually drink a kale or spinach breakfast smoothie but sometimes I need to change it up.  Enter: the trendy açaí bowl.  Topped with whatever you heart desires, this breakfast is satisfying and fulfills the icy and fruity cravings I've been having.

Blend together:
- 1 packet of Sambozan smoothie blend (I picked mine up at Whole Foods, but I'm sure you can find any brand at your local health food store, Costco, etc)
- 1 frozen banana (great to have on hand for smoothies, too!)
- 1/2 cup almond milk (or milk of your choice)
- 1 tsp chia seeds
- OPTIONAL:  handful of kale (any green of your choice is a great boost!)

Top with:
- fresh fruit of your choice (I am loving sliced banana, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries)
- granola
- coconut flakes
- nuts
- more chia/flax/hemp seeds
- raw honey

Monday, March 24, 2014

Nine Months (See Jane's Belly)

Marigot pajamas (similar), Skyline bed (similar), similar lamps, similar end tables
Well, I am officially 9 months (or 36 weeks) pregnant as of yesterday.  I thought I'd snap a few spur of the moment "maternity pics" of me in my natural habitat (otherwise known as my bedroom).  Also, I shared a glimpse of the baby's nursery on instagram yesterday and captured a little belly pic in front of my favorite wall.  It's still not complete but hopefully I have another month to finalize everything before the little guy arrives.

Oeuf NYC crib (similar version here), West Elm rug, Sharon Montrose photos,
Aden + Anais sheet, Target blanket + baskets

Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Denim Wish List (See Jane Want....Really Want)

blank / j brand  / current/elliott / one teaspoon h&m
Do you know what I can't wait to get back into once I have the baby?  My old jeans.  Every morning when I get dressed, my trusty, high-waisted J Brands mock me.  Then my distressed rag & bone jeans with the holes in the knees ask why I've been ignoring them.  My jorts also feel neglected, but they understand because there was snow on the ground yesterday morning.  I suspect a good, old fashioned denim binge might happen once I'm able to button-up my pants again.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Shake Ya Tail Feather (See Jane Wear)

Forever 21 shirt (similar), H&M maternity pants (similar), Kenna-T jacket (obviously an old favorite but similar), Saint Laurent sunglasses,  J Crew heels, 3.1 Phillip Lim bag

Short jackets + long shirts = my life right now.  I found this little hi/low number at Forever 21 the other day when I was desperately seeking shirts that will cover my growing belly.  My little "Duck Tales" tail feather is sticking out, but honestly, anything that will cover my maternity pants right now is a-ok with me.  It's funny because last time I wore this jacket on the blog, I was about 15 weeks pregnant and hadn't yet revealed it to the world.  Now, I'm huge and this baby is ready for his debut; at the risk of sounding like an old timer, time sure does fly!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Shower The People (See Jane Wear)

Zara peplum leather jacket (old but similar) + dress (similar, similar), J Crew pumps, Ray Ban mirrored aviators, Chanel bag, sweet & spark vintage earrings (c/o)
I had my final baby shower this past weekend and since all my friends were the attendees (and quite hip, I might add), I felt the need to go out feeling cool.  I've been topping lots of outfits with a leather jacket lately for a few reasons: first, they still fit.  Second, they're light enough to keep me from overheating (a real conundrum lately).  Third, I'm sick of bulky winter coats.

Hope you all had a great weekend!  Mark my words:  spring is close...I can just feel it.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Maternity Style is Hard (See Jane Wear)

J Crew double breasted blazer, Gap blouse, James Jeans maternity jeans (c/o), Madewell leopard loafers, Saint Laurent sunglasses, Chanel bag
Am I boring you?  Because I'm starting to bore myself.  Why?  Well first off, hardly anything in my closet fits these days.  Most of my shirts won't go over over my stomach and I don't want to buy a bunch of new things that I can only wear for a few weeks.  I only have a handful of maternity pants (which are lifesavers) but the same jeans day after day gets old and fast.  For now, I present you 'the classics.'  Blue jeans and a blue blazer--the solution when all else fails.  I'm just thankful that my blazers/jackets still fit (unbuttoned, of course), as do my purses.


Monday, March 10, 2014

Baby Shower Attire (See Jane Wear)

ASOS maternity dress, Manolo Blahnik heels, T+J Designs necklace (c/o), Chanel bag
I told you that this was going to be my last winter outfit post--and I meant it.  I'm sure we have another snow ahead of us, but for now, temperatures in the high 30s feel like summer to me.  Also, pregnancy overheats me so I use that to my advantage; no need for tights yesterday!  That's right--it was my baby shower so no one dared question my choices (ha).

Side note: in case you're pregnant and searching one for your shower or any other fancy events, ASOS has the best maternity dress options; they fit great and won't break the bank! (..and I'm not endorsed by them--it's purely my personal experience.)

Friday, March 7, 2014

Final Freeze (See Jane Wear)

J Crew cocoon coat (worn here), Vince turtleneck sweater, American Eagle cargos (old but similar), Manolo Blahnik heels, Ray Ban sunglasses
I can't dress for winter anymore.  I simply cannot wear another sweater, boot, coat--anything cold weather-related.  Also, I'm running out of ways to dress this baby bump.  It would be way easier to throw on summer clothes (i.e. maxi dresses, sandals) than to endure the daily struggle I have with pants.     That's right; me v. pants.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Gratitude: A Short Story (See Jane Tell)

Muubaa jacket, J Crew sweatshirt, Old Navy skirt (similar), Saint Laurent sunglasses, Chanel bag
My Monday morning started out with a call from Eric telling me he was headed to the ER.  His voice was faint and he sounded like he was pure agony.  Rewind to 10 minutes before: we were both at our respective offices when out of the blue, he felt the worst pain he's ever experienced on the left side of his abdomen.  He painstakingly removed himself from work and got a cab to the hospital.  After receiving his call, I dropped everything at work and ran to the ER to meet him where I found him slumped over in a wheelchair, attempting to check in with the receptionist.  It's been awhile since I've experienced such feelings of both sheer panic and helplessness; it made me sick to my stomach.

Eric is going to be fine; it turns out he has kidney stones and the pain is supposed to be incredible.  The ER doctor joked that he was having early sympathy pains because people often liken passing a stone to childbirth (yay).  Although a crisis was somewhat averted, being pregnant has exposed me to a whole new vulnerability; anxious doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about all the new changes in my life.  At the same time, I've never felt more grateful.  The stress and anxiety I felt on Monday and have been feeling the past eight months are only making my senses that much clearer.  I can't wait for this next chapter in my life--even if many emotions have been all-consuming.  And I feel very lucky.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Pregnancy Essentials (See Jane Bump)

I'm now 33 weeks pregnant and the official countdown to meeting this little baby has begun.  In some ways, I can't believe how fast it's gone by; in other ways, I can't believe I haven't had a drink since August (what a sweet moment that will finally be).  I've learned a few things along the way and wanted to share some of my pregnancy essentials for all you mothers to be (or even friends of mothers to be!).

BumpNest body pillow - Trust me.  You will get big enough where your hips start to hurt and you can't get comfortable.  Enter, the body pillow.  The BumpNest pillow has been a lifesaver and ensures I get a great night's sleep.
Belly Bandit - Ok fine, this is actually a post-partum essential.  I am already eager to get back into my normal wardrobe and I've already bought a Belly Bandit to help reshape the ol' midsection.  I've heard great things so I'll be sure to let you know how it goes!
Belly Butter - Stretch marks--they happen.  I don't see any yet BUT I've been slathering on this cream every morning.  I've heard they're genetic in pregnancy but it can't hurt to also take preventative measures.
Maternity Jeans - "I'll never buy maternity clothes," I once ignorantly said.  You will want to buy maternity pants for the sake of comfort.  I have a feeling I'll be wearing them for awhile after this baby arrives, too.
Comfy Shoes - I know you've all been seeing me wearing heels on the blog and I assure you, you can, too (if you're comfortable); I even wore my 4 inch pumps to my shower this past weekend. But, I hear that your feet can swell and by then, you'll need to ditch the heels and slip on something more comfortable.  During pregnancy, I've never commuted in heels (Chicago weather has been treacherous and I am notoriously clumsy) so a comfy pair of shoes has been essential even though I haven't given up heels quite yet.
Baby Book - Pick your poison but read something.  Simply put, reading has increased my confidence about this whole parenting thing (gulp) and a few of my favorites have been What to Expect.., Mommy IQ, Bringing Up Bebe, and The Happiest Baby on the Block.
New Bras - If you were less-endowed like me pre-pregnancy, you can probably get away with wearing your current bras for awhile as your belly grows.  I'm still wearing my original bras but have bought some new ones to account for the (ahem) growth I've experienced and because I want something more comfortable.  I love wireless bralettes AND I know I'll wear them post-delivery.
BellaBand - Before you dive headfirst into maternity pants, try out the BellaBand.  I wore one with my favorite pants up until about the third trimester.  I'm admittedly at a point now where my pre-pregnancy pants won't even fit over my thighs/hips, so it's maternity pants all the way, but from weeks 15-28, I loved the BellaBand.
Water - Sounds like a no-brainer but it's essential to stay hydrated during your whole pregnancy.  I guzzle water like it's my job and although I curse myself during that 5th bathroom trip in the middle of the night, I know keeping hydrated prevents swelling (funny how that works) and keeps this baby healthy.

Did you have any pregnancy essentials that I'm missing?