Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Anti-Gift Guide (See Jane Give, Not Gift)

 The holidays have me feeling all out of sorts.  I'm not exactly in a celebratory mood and frankly, gifts are the last thing on my mind.  I know I should be feeling grateful for Harry's first Christmas and excited for the time I'm spending with friends and family, but honestly, I just feel lost without my dad.  For once in my life, I'd like to fast forward a bit and skip this holiday season.  But, I can't--and I know there's more I can contribute.

If you're gifted out (guilty) or inundated with stuff (also, guilty), consider giving a different kind of present.  My family has been adopting families and giving to those in need at Christmastime for as long as I can remember.  But there's something even more important than giving things to others--giving the gift of time.  While shelters and charities receive lots of necessities around the holidays, the employees are still working on Christmas Day, while most others are spending time with their loved ones.  I tend to forget that places like hospitals, hospice and nursing homes are always up and running--how great would it be to spend time with those who can't escape their room even though it's the holiday?  This year, my sister suggested we work at my dad's favorite local charity on Christmas morning (Toledo Gospel Rescue Mission) and I think it'll be a great way to honor him and feel his presence when I need it the most. 


  1. That's a great idea and I can absolutely relate to how you feel. I lost my mum a couple of years ago and Christmas hasn't been the same since. Wishing you lovely holidays none the less.
    hugs from Austria
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  2. this is a fantastic idea jane! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. Jane, I think that is such a beautiful and productive way to deal with the terrible void you and your sister must be feeling at this time of year. I hope you all can get some joy out of the holidays despite your loss.

  4. Thinking of you this Christmas. This is my 6th Christmas since I lost my dad and I still think I see him among the shoppers in town at Christmas. The only consolation is that it makes you so aware of how much love remains in your world, and it can bring families all the closer. It must be wonderful to see so much of your father in your little boy and I'm sure that will become only more clear as he grows.This sounds like a truly perfect way to honour his memory. Merry Christmas to you all
    Chambray & Curls

  5. What a great way to honor your dad. love you girlie :)

  6. Very inspiring!

  7. absolutely love that idea!

    xx nikki

  8. What a lovely way to give as well as remember your dad. You are setting a wonderful example for your readers. Take care.

  9. I love this. Every website I visit is running a serious of gift guides and I am just so tired of buying crap. No matter what you celebrate, this time of year should be about more than things.

  10. I love this idea. After Christmas morning is over there is always a lull where I've always felt as if I should be doing something but had nothing to do. Maybe I've been feeling that way because I should be doing something like this on Christmas.

    So sorry about your feelings for Christmas without your dad. Hope it shapes up to be a great day anyways.

    S. Roderick

  11. The Christmas after I lost my dad was really, really hard. I'd like to say that it gets easier or less painful but it just sort of changes into something new. When I get sad (especially that first Christmas without him) I think about the last Christmas with him (even though he was really ill- he passed away just two months later) because it was a really good Christmas. I think about all the Christmases that I had with him and the most happy moments. He loved Christmas and I love Christmas and I know that he wouldn't want me to not celebrate because he isn't here. As hard as it can be, I think that he wants my mom and our family to enjoy it because he can't. Not that that helps make you feel better or makes this holiday season any easier it's just how I deal with it.

    I love that you guys are working at your dad's favorite charity on Christmas morning. It's a really beautiful idea and I'm sure he'd be so proud of you guys!

    Merry Christmas,

  12. What a wonderful gift your family will be providing and I have no doubt your dad is donning a proud and loving smile for all of you!


  13. I love this idea! It really conveys the true meaning of Christmas

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