Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Thoughts on Wardrobe Staples (See Jane Wear)

Kenna-T leather moto jacket (old but similar), Forever21 sweater (old but similar), J Crew skirt (on sale and just worn here), Zara chelsea boots (old but similar), Mansur Gavriel bag
As much as I love how social media and fashion have become intertwined, the competition for the next big thing has become even more fickle.  You know that awesome bag that you bought last month?  It's already out of style because the masses have moved onto something else.  Blogs and instagram are amazing platforms for connecting with people and bringing style to anyone's fingertips, but the constant need to purchase more and more gets exhausting.  At the end of the day, what are we gaining other than an overstuffed closet that's full of things that we no longer want because something new online has caught our eye?  

I won't get all sanctimonious because the truth is that I'm just as guilty as the next person.  I've loved shopping my whole life and my early love for fashion singled me out me as a mega-consumer as soon as I had my first dollar to spend  (plus, I work in the retail industry, so it's like I'm extra guilty).  But do you know what feels better than a new pair of boots?  Wearing and loving the boots you bought ages ago and feeling confident in your ability to choose closet staples.  Three out of four things (boots, sweater and leather jacket) in this outfit are 4+ years old and the fact that I can seamlessly pair them with items I've bought in the past couple months feels pretty good.  


  1. Thank you thank you thank you! This is a great post! I think being in the blogging world (either as a blogger or a reader) it can be easy to get wrapped up in always having the latest and greatest - but those boots you purchased 3 years ago deserve some spotlight as well! Great post!


  2. I love your shorts!!

  3. Fantastic skirt and jacket! You look beautiful and stylish :)

  4. This is such a valid point - bloggers are really obsessed with "fast fashion", I much prefer going back to basics though!


  5. i love that jacket! i need to invest in a good one. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. Lovely outfit, and I really love that most of these pieces have been a part of your wardrobe for such a long time. I agree with you, it has become a competition and I'd much rather have a closet full of things I love than whats cool for three weeks.

    prosecco in the park

  7. I'm loving your brown leather jacket! I think I've seen you wear it a few times in your posts and I fall in love with it every time!


  8. Yes, yes, yes to this post! My love of blogs started because I liked to see people re-work and re-wear items in their closet. Most blogs have become the complete opposite and just show new purchase, after new purchase, after new purchase. I can't afford to shop like those bloggers so I end up not reading most anymore because I can't relate.

  9. i love this!! staples are so so important and often forgotten about in the world of trends.


  10. You're so right about bringing out old items and putting them to good use! Lately, I've been obsessed with having my tried and true boots repaired instead of buying new pairs. Makes me appreciate them that much more and feel a bit less consumer like!

  11. Love this look!! I really like how you wore something that has been in your closet for awhile instead of buying the latest and greatest trend. You look great!

  12. Thank you. It's true. Consumerism is exhausting. It gives me a mixed feeling of exhaustion and excitement all at the same time.

    I enjoy your blog and your style.

  13. Love the fit and color of that jacket

  14. Thank you for this post, I love it! I know I get caught up in seeing something new and needing to get out to buy it! As I've started to put my summer clothes away I realized there are pieces I love and I didn't even wear them that much. I am finding I would rather have pieces I really love and learn to better mix and match and have fun vs. having tons of things that just get lost in the shuffle.


  15. Agreed!! Sometimes its exhausting thinking about the things you don't have- especially when you don't need them!! I love shopping and the finer things in life but at the end of the day I'm happiest in my gray jeans, a t-shirt and beat up boots!!

    Maybe we can fight back against too much consumerism together as bloggers!!!


  16. Such a great true post! For many of us it's just not realistic to buy things all the time. Nothing is more satisfying than a closet that works for you ! You made a great new look with your old faves!

  17. Love that jacket!

  18. Love your look. And I agree with you. I love to mix and match old and new clothes :)


  19. Great post, Anna! I would love to see a follow-up post on how you decide which wardrobe pieces to save and which to let go. My closet's just not big enough to hang onto everything, but I feel like I'm always giving away and keeping the wrong things. Help! 😊

  20. I LOVE this post. As a style editor and former blogger I feel as though I'm surrounded by temptation to buy the next thing constantly. Recently, however, I've been resisting and focusing on buying high quality, beautiful staples. It's so satisfying to get compliments on a piece you've owned and loved for more than 1 year. Bravo!

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