Thursday, September 25, 2014

Closet Staples: What to Keep (See Jane Save)

trench / white blouse / shirtdress / motorcycle leather jacket / riding boots / wool cableknit sweater
Thanks to commenter Whitney for inspiring this post idea.  She commented on this post and asked for guidance when deciding which pieces in her closet to hang onto and which to toss.  I thought I'd share my thought process when paring down my own closest.  These are a few things I have yet to give away--mostly because I wear them season after season; even if I take a break from them for a few months, I always return.

On that note, if you're cleaning out your closet in preparation for new fall clothes, I'd suggest donating the following:
1.) Anything that has been in your closet a year and still has a tag (you won't wear it).
2.) That old (see: over two years) pair of jeans you're hoping you'll fit into again soon.  I'm all for keeping different sizes of pants around for weight fluctuations (I just had a baby and not all my pants fit yet, sadly) but if it's been over two years, it might be time to part ways.
3.) That item you love in theory but can't quite wear.  I wish I could pull off every trend that catches my eye (I'm looking at you, culottes) but we've all bought pieces that we love, we wear (once) and ultimately regret.  No harm, no foul--onto the next!


  1. What a chic coat!

  2. My favorite tip I've heard for closet cleaning is would you buy it if you saw it in a store right now. A lot of times the answers is no. I've been on a closet cleaning mission and it feels so good to get rid of stuff and clear the clutter! I only want to wear the stuff that makes me feel my best. Not the just OK suff.


  3. You've inspired me to start my much needed closet purge! I need to do it desperately.. I also wish i could pull off culottes.. sigh! xo

  4. I love to clean out my closet. It's always a lot of fun and feels so refreshing after.


  5. I'm loving those boots and that jacket!


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