Thursday, June 19, 2014

Newborn Essentials (See Jane Learn)

  1. stroller - quite possibly my most researched item--and I love it.
  2. iPad - because you will be watching a lot of netflix during feedings and naptimes.
  3. crib - you want safety and style for your little one (I went with an Oeuf crib).
  4. nursery art - you'll spend a lot of time in the nursery, so choose art you won't tire of seeing.
  5. bibs - one hyphenated word: spit-up.
  6. bath products - I swear, nothing smells better than a freshly washed baby.
  7. car seat - I chose the Cybex for its safety standards and sleek look (and it attaches to my stroller!)
  8. nursing tank - let's be real; you'll be spending most of the first month in yoga pants and a nursing bra.
  9. swaddle blankets - lightweight and great for travel.
  10. boppy - I found this especially helpful for nursing after a c-section AND as a safety net for guests fearful of holding a newborn. 
  11. grass pad - the best bottle holder.
  12. baby monitor - the Snuza is great for the parent who spends every five minutes checking on their child's breathing (like me!).

I would never categorize myself as a baby person.  I'm a youngest child through and through (youngest of four, to be exact), which means my interaction with babies was minimal until my nephews and niece came along.  I was reluctant to even hold them when they were babies for fear of breakage--seriously.

Now that I have my own little man, I've learned a thing or two in these early days--first being how to hold a baby, of course.  As for the rest, well, there is a learning curve; I learn something new every day so at this point, I know about 0.0006% there is to know about babies.  These first two months have been an incredible journey and my biggest takeaway is that you can't plan for anything--not even for how much you will love your little person (it's overwhelming how much you can love them!).  BUT you can have some essentials beforehand, which will at least make you feel (falsely) prepared.


Paige Flamm said...

Those swaddle blankets from alex and ani are my favorite!


Whitney said...

I live in New Zealand and sheepskins are part of life here. I especially love this one for keeping baby warm in the pram: Bowron Babycare Baby Stroller Lambskin Fleece

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your recommendations! Can you suggest nursing bras that you have tried and liked?

weiwen zeng said...

Great collections! I love the blog,thanks for sharing!

Jen said...

This is great. I am expecting my first child as well and just registered for the same stroller- and am equally excited about it. Now I am debating between the mesa car seat by uppababy and any one that will adapt to fit. They all seem pretty heavy and pricey. Does the one you chose fit babies past 32"? How did you make your decision?


2 Girls in 2 Cities said...

That grass draining rack is on every mom's registry. I always buy it because I think it looks fun, but now I know it's helpful, too! - J

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