Thursday, May 29, 2014

Casual Essentials - Summer Edition (See Jane Dress Down)

It's all about the casual look for me these days.  Until I go back to work in July,  I'm donning whatever's most comfortable.  Luckily, it will soon be summer (at least, us in the midwest hope so) and it's easy to look put together with minimal effort.

sneakers - so I can still look stylin' when I go on long walks with Harry.
overall shorts - I am admittedly not a huge fan of the overall trend (pants version), but for some reason, I can get on board with the shorts version.
fancy sandals - to pair with the pajamas that you DO wear outside.
parasol tote - the quintessential, fancy beach tote.
pj pants - the next best thing to sweatpants--and they are appropriate in public!
sunglasses - why can't your sunglasses have some fun, too? 
maxi dress - because there's no easier way to look put together in the summer
palm tree tee - pair with your favorite jorts.
floppy hat - I'm almost 30 so I'm swapping out my mirrors/oil (kidding) at the pool for wide-brimmed hats.


  1. those overalls are just so cute! love them in white!


  2. I'll take one maxi and one pair of printed pants, please! xx

  3. Love these essentials!! Definitely need those sandals!