Monday, May 5, 2014

And I'm Back (See Jane Wear...Post-Baby)

Gap sweatshirt dress, J Crew denim jacket, J Crew gladiator sandals (old but similar), Cuyana bag (c/o), Saint Laurent sunglasses
It's been three weeks since I had baby Harry.  B.B. (before baby) , I totally thought I'd be back into my jeans by now; I am now realizing how delusional I was pre-baby.  In all honestly, it's hardly a priority for me right now.  Yes, I love clothes and would love to regain a little normalcy in my life, but it took me nine months to gain the weight and I've come to terms with the fact that my initial timeline wasn't quite realistic.  Besides, my focus is on my little bébé right now and not my rag & bone jeans; plus, what better excuse to wear lots of dresses this spring/summer?


  1. I was delusional too. It didn't help that multiple people told me how they were back in their jeans/pre-pregnancy weight within weeks. So at two months postpartum, when I still couldn't get them over my hips, I was felt incredibly discouraged.

    However, while I'm still a few pounds away from even first prenatal appointment weight (yeah, not even pre-pregnancy), most of my pants fit and every day, they fit just a teensy bit better.

  2. Most people it takes a few months to get anywhere close to their pre-pregnancy clothes, unless you are working out all the time or have a little procedure at the hospital.

    Plus if you are breastfeeding you can't really diet but all those extra calories you are burning are the best diet ever!!!

    I actually find it harder now that my youngest is 2 to stay on top of exercise. Walking at the pace of a 2 year old is just not enough lol!

  3. You look absolutely beautiful and jeans size does not define what beautiful is. Just enjoy your motherhood and feminine curves, your body did an amazing, incredible thing, it created a life, so nothing else really matters :)

  4. You look fabulous regardless! I'm loving that denim jacket!


  5. I was very delusional too and I gained a lotta weight when I was pregnant. Don't be too hard on yourself you look great.

  6. my mom always said she never even tried to put her jeans back on for a year after she would have a baby!

    i love that you are focused more on little harry than on the clothes, i mean that's what really matters. enjoy your time with the little one!

    xo mk
    gold-hatted lover

  7. Welcome back! You are looking just lovely! And congrats on your little babe! Glad to see you are doing well! xo.

  8. you look beautiful! i love that dress :) :) welcome back!!

    o and stop by! im hosting a cute rikshaw design giveaway you might like. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  9. I think you look fabulous already! Congratulations on your new baby :)

    xx, Alexa

  10. I am almost 3 months post baby and I've only lost 10 pounds.

    I am still about 20 pounds over my regular pre-baby weight and I CANNOT fit into my pants. It is driving me insane because I have amazing skinny pants and jeans, and none of them will pull up over my fat(ter) legs and thighs.

    I am hoping by month 4 I will be back in shape to wear pants again. I really really miss them.

    Right now I'm living in stretchy dresses...

  11. You look amazing!

  12. You look great mama! Congrats on your baby boy :)

  13. You look amazing! I adore this easy weekend look. I'm on the lookout for a good tote bag, and would love a colorful one like yours ^_^ Hopefully, in a while, those rag & bone jeans will fit you again, but even if they don't: I'm sure it won't be that much of a problem, considering the reason why they don't fit anymore ^_^ xo

  14. Lookin' great! I love your strappy sandals (:


  15. Welcome back lady! You look fab, it doesn't even look like you have a newborn.


  16. You look great and comfortable dresses are the way to go post bb!

  17. You look great and there is no need to hurry, you will be back in all the clothes you want to wear soon enough. Funny how becoming a parent puts priorities in focus.

  18. Sorry for the delayed congrats, but congrats! Best wishes for you and your family! Also, you look amazingly beautiful :)

  19. You look absolutely great! Give yourself sometime - your body did a huge task. It gave life to a human being. Enjoy it!

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  20. you look amazing!! love that comfy dress.


  21. haha "BB"... seriously though, I can only hope I'll look a fraction of how great you looked throughout your pregnancy and now. Harry is the cutest. PS Did I tell you how much I love that name?! Xx

  22. So happy for you :) I am glad you are feeling good and healthy - the weight will come with time! You look great and congrats on joining the mom club!


  23. You look amazing! Motherhood looks good on you ;)

  24. What baby weight?! You are in fantastic shape, nobody could even tell you just had a baby.

  25. Wow!! You looks so hot and sexy. I love the way of your fashion. Your wearing sun glass is a perfect match with your cloth. Its really a well combination of everything and I like you so much. Thanks :)

  26. I cannot believe you had a baby 3 weeks ago! You look incredible!!!!

    xo, Lindsey

  27. I wouldn't be so worried at all if I looked like that. lol Anyway, you are right- it takes time to lose what took time to gain. Breastfeeding will help make it a bit quicker though :)

  28. Anna! Yay, so glad you are back. Don't worry, you will get back in those rag & bones. Just eat clean and healthy;) You still look amazing, and you looked amazing throughout your pregnancy. You are one of my top style icons, girlie and that certainly hasn't changed.
    Happy Mothers' Day (belated)
    XO, Gina

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