Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Denim Wish List (See Jane Want....Really Want)

blank / j brand  / current/elliott / one teaspoon h&m
Do you know what I can't wait to get back into once I have the baby?  My old jeans.  Every morning when I get dressed, my trusty, high-waisted J Brands mock me.  Then my distressed rag & bone jeans with the holes in the knees ask why I've been ignoring them.  My jorts also feel neglected, but they understand because there was snow on the ground yesterday morning.  I suspect a good, old fashioned denim binge might happen once I'm able to button-up my pants again.


  1. Love your picks. The white one is my favorite <3

    xx Mira

  2. I'm totally in the market for a good pair of boyfriend jeans!


  3. i love those light wash boyfriend jeans!!


  4. The only problem with jeans is you will find yourself squatting and sitting in the floor a lot! But soon you and your jeans will be reunited! Cute picks.

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