Monday, November 25, 2013

Pretty Grunge (See Jane Wear)

Vince beanie (c/o), Muubaa leather jacket, Gap sweater (old but similar), Zara skirt,
Seychelles booties, Theory scarf (old but similar), Celine bag
Leather, beanies and booties, oh my!  It's not exactly grunge but the appropriate elements are there.  I suspect I'll be wearing a version of this (i.e. beanie, stretchy skirt and a couple jackets) every week until spring arrives.


  1. Adorable look. Love the scarf and the cute beanie.

    xx Mira

  2. Very cute look! I love this flirty skirt and your cozy scarf.
    xo Andrea

  3. Beautiful scarf and beanie!

  4. stunning, absolutely love this outfit. Particularly that scarf!

  5. love this look on you! xo

  6. I love the chunky sweater + circle skirt combination! So cute.

    Chelsea & The City

  7. Great comfy outfit! Love it!

  8. Beautiful fall look on you. Love your scarf.

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    Hope you had a great weekend!

  9. super casual, i love this look with the beanie :)

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  10. You really look amazing!
    Love it!!

  11. Its such a lovely cozy winter outfit ! Congrats with your pregnancy !

  12. Love this whole outfit, but I think the scarf is my favorite part. I have a million scarves but always want to buy more :)

  13. go to Pea In the Pod on Oak St...they have a great selection of maternity jeans. i splurged on a pair of citizens, j brand, and a pair of AG legging cords (they also have great coupon promotions all the time so the cords were practically free). i wore the jeans and cords pretty much every day for the second half of pregnancy, and for a month or two after. they are SO comfortable. i had a pretty big basketball belly and the full panel fit well and all the way until the end. but i was showing way more than you are at 19 weeks!

  14. LOVE that giant scarf!

  15. love that scarf! so pretty!


  16. perfectly lovely! what a fantastic scarf

  17. This is about as "grunge" as I really get too, but I am loving the way you put this look together.

    I need to stop being a wuss and just wear my skirts in the cold weather...the layering looks great!

    xoxo Jackie

  18. Black, white, and gray all the colors on trend right now- looks great! The scarf adds a great element to the outfit.

  19. Great layers! I love little black booties in the winter too. Yours look so sleek.

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