Friday, November 29, 2013

Nordstrom Designer Luxe (See Jane Shop)

Although it's Black Friday and the deals are plentiful, I can't help but to peruse for a few items on my own wishlist.  Nordstrom's Designer Luxe section fulfills my needs with investment pieces such as Saint Laurent and Chloe bags (I'm a bag collector, for sure) and fancy shoes for any occasion, from Ferragamo flats to Valentino pumps.  Check it out for yourself while in your post-turkey haze; I bet you'll find a few statement or investment pieces for either your own closet or a very special recipient!


  1. We don't do thinks like this in the Uk..although we do have big sales on Boxing day..which is probably the same thing really!

  2. those jimmy choo boots are divine, ideal for slim denim or a great, flirty dress. love it! happy shopping.

  3. love that bag!