Wednesday, November 6, 2013

How to Wear: Leather Pants (See Jane Wear Over and Over)

I decided early last fall that my wardrobe wouldn't be complete without leather pants.  I didn't want to go cheap on them either; I never found a "pleather" version that looked good and the less expensive real leather versions weren't up to my standards in terms of fit (i.e. Zara, H&M, etc).  While I wasn't willing to cut corners on the perfect pair, I also wasn't about to cough up nearly a thousand dollars for the pants, either.  I ended up with the perfect pair--the Theory leather leggings which I bought for 30% during a friends and family sale (no tax and free shipping, too!).  Eric joked that this would ultimately end up a piece at the back of my closet--worn a few times, never to see the light of day again.  When I ended up wearing them well into April, he took back his words and realized I got the most cost per wear possible on these babies.  My advice: if you're on the fence about leather pants, take the plunge!  You will wear them non-stop in the winter and again the next year.  I'm living proof (and I most recently wore them here and last year here, here, here and here).

My favorite versions out there (most on sale!) are:


  1. Oh how I wish I was cool enough to wear leather pants. You look amazing as always.

  2. I've wanted leather pants for quite some time...I should just take the plunge and get some, haha

  3. Heck yes. They are a must and you look amazing in every picture:)

  4. I am in LOVE with leather pants/leggings...actually, leather anything! Love the way you style them in so many different ways!
    Cristina Marie

  5. I really want a pair too. They look great on you. I am still not sure I can pull them off. I went to H&M to get a practice pair, but they looked so cheap that I couldn't do. I will have to watch the Saks sale and see if they pop up on the Theory rack.

  6. I buy a pair of cheap pleather ones every year and they sit in the back of my closet (with tags) until spring, when I inevitably give them away.

    When I move out of California, I am gettin' the real deal! In the meanwhile, I'll live vicariously through your darling leather-filled outfits.

  7. Love all the ways your styled the pants especially the last picture. Do not you love when you buy something thinking you might not wear them that often and then it becomes one of your favorite pieces!

  8. the fourth look is my fave!


  9. I wear mine all. the. time. They go with everything!

    love from LA,

  10. I went with the less expensive Zara pair to play with this season and I'm OBSESSED! You look so great in yours Anna.

    Chelsea & The City

  11. Love that 3rd one with the maroon jacket.

  12. Great Styling Ideas!

  13. Loved how you styled these 4 great looks.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. I just brought my first pair after I seeing how you styled yours!! I'm so excited! Love your site!

    I love some of the photos where I can spot little glimpse of Chicago. (I miss that city soooo much)

    -Jocelyn from the Netherlands.

  15. I've been stuck on the inexpensive versus way-too-expensive dilemma for months now. I'll have to keep my eye on those Theory leggings, because the less expensive versions never seem to look right on me!
    xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.

  16. Leather pants are such an important staple. They look great!

    xo - Taylor

  17. Love how you styled your leather pants. Great look! They are a nice staple to have in your wardrobe and very versatile.

  18. i have been rocking my leather pants a bunch too...the right pair is so flattering!

  19. Ahhh!!! This is the fifth post today I've seen with leather pants. I really need to get a pair. I love all the ways they can be styled and worn. So cute! - Katy

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