Monday, November 18, 2013

Gray Matter (See Jane Wear)

J Crew coat, J Crew sweater (old but similar), Zara pencil skirt, J Crew pumps, Celine bag, NARS 'Dragon Girl'

I have a feeling this will be my last outfit sans tights for the next six months.  Anyway, that's life here in Chicago and I've become quite accustomed to it.  It's a good thing this skirt looks great with tights; I may be wearing it more often than not for the next 22 weeks.  As my belly grows and all my clothes tighten, I totally get why people buy maternity clothes.  I used to scoff at the idea and now I may be buying a pair of maternity jeans after all.  See how much I'm changing already with this child?!


  1. Fantastic bag and coat!

  2. The perfect grey match !! I'm in love ;-)

  3. Wow!
    It's a wonderful outfit!
    Babies always change our lives!

  4. There are so many great maternity options now. You'll be surprised by what's out there. I love the mix of grays.
    Its Mostly About Fashion

  5. Love the grey combo! Congrats on your baby!!

  6. The only #1 purchase I had to make was maternity jeans. J Brand makes a style with stretchy sides, but you can also go for a full belly cover with Paige denim. It depends on if you carry low or high..

    eBay has maternity jeans for sale if you want to start looking / bidding now.

  7. adorable combination!

  8. that turtleneck looks so cozy!


  9. obsessed with the mix of grays- amazingly done:)

  10. All of these shades of grey are just gorgeous together and I LOVE the cocoon coat Anna!

    Chelsea & The City

  11. lovely layers of grey! particularly a fan of that fab turtleneck sweater.

    xo, lily on fillmore

  12. Loving all grey and love how you styled it! xo Heidi

  13. Congratulations on your bun in the oven! Such an exciting time for you! You are glowing! Can't wait to see your style evolve and that belly grow!


  14. Gorgeous shades of grey mixed together!

  15. Love this mix of grey tones! You look great.

  16. I agree with the other commenter, maternity jeans by jbrand are a must- I literally wore mine every day for four months straight and at least a month after my baby was born. I tried the over the belly panel jeans by paige and it worked at first but as the bump grew I really began to hate the tight band and trying to keep it from riding down all day. Tops are a lot more negotiable as long as they are long and I really only purchased a few maternity tank tops for wearing under clothes and some regular (I.e. Non maternity) tops that had ruching at the sides- all the better to show off that gorgeous bump! Congrats, pregnancy is such an amazing time!

  17. adore grey! happy to see it everywhere today! love the coat

  18. Congrats on expecting! At least j crew makes maternity Minnie's now ! You look great!

  19. Beautiful look on you. I love these colors together. Such a classic look.


  20. You look amazing! I'm excited to follow your posts through pregnancy.


  21. You look as slim as ever to me girl! Still so beyond excited for you, and thank goodness maternity clothing is cute these days.

  22. Congratulations! I am 20 weeks pregnant and just bought AG maternity jeggings that are so comfy and Zara has great leggings (and a leather version) that I love!

  23. I had my third child four months ago and love fashion. I found that, even though it's nice to have some maternity jeans, I feel most comfortable in leggings or yoga pants during the pregnancy in winter, and dresses in the warmer months. My experience with my many maternity jeans is that either they are not tight enough in the bottom, or too tight around the belly. Even the ones that fit OK are still not as comfortable as leggings around the belly. Leggings or yoga pants just need to be bought a size bigger than your usual size and you're good for your whole pregnancy. Endless possibilities with longer tops and boots for winter. You should also consider maternity opaque tights from Berkshire: they are great to wear with dresses or under leggings when it's cold in Chicago (like right now!).

  24. Do you read Emily Henderson's blog? She has some good advice for news moms and maternity must haves if you are interested:

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