Monday, September 2, 2013

Simple Blueberry Pancakes (See Jane Make Breakfast)

To celebrate the "end" of summer, I decided to make blueberry pancakes (I'm more of a savory breakfast gal myself).  The last time I made pancakes was probably in the 90s when my sister and I would make them on Saturdays while watching Saved by the Bell.  Turns out, they're still pretty simple to make from scratch; maybe I'll even add them to my weekend repertoire more often.  I modified this recipe which makes the fluffiest flapjacks ever:

1 1/4 c flour
1 T baking powder
pinch of salt
1 T sugar
1 egg
1 c milk
1 t vanilla extract
1/2 T melted butter
8 oz fresh blueberries

Combine dry ingredients and set aside. Whisk together milk, egg, vanilla and butter and fold into dry ingredients.  Mix well and let sit for 30 minutes (this makes it rise/fluffy).  Fold in 8 oz blueberries right before you makes pancakes on a hot, oiled skillet.  

(Tip: when the bubbles in the pancake batter begin to break, flip it to the other side.)


  1. They look delicious! I think I'll have to try them soon. :)
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  2. My mouth is literally watering. Breakfast food is truly one of my favorites! I've never tried my making my own pancakes though- definitely worth a shot!

    Simply Akshara

  3. These look amazing!
    I can't wait to try them!

  4. yum! i've been on such a pancake kick lately, i will have to try these!


  5. Só de olhar já deu fome... adoro mirtilos, vou fazer a receita!

    Denise Kirsch -

  6. These look delicious!

  7. that looks so delicious :)

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