Thursday, August 15, 2013

Found: Denim Pencil Skirt (See Jane Find...and Wear)

Zara skirt, Gap blouse (old but similar), J Crew belt (old), Super sunglasses, J Crew pumps (similar)
Remember when I waxed poetically about this distressed, denim, pencil skirt?  I had grand plans to find a vintage one, tear it up myself, and wear it with pride.  Then, I checked the sale rack at Zara and called off the manhunt.  To avoid looking like a schoolteacher from the 80s, I wore silver pumps paired with bed head.  People at work were intrigued with the skirt yesterday; the best comment was, "your skirt is either really old or really new--which is it?"  Suffice to say, I love this skirt.

Want your own denim pencil skirt?  Similar options here, here and here (the Zara one is sold out).


  1. Wow that denim skirt looks so rad.

    xx Mira

  2. you look adorable in this outfit -- love that skirt! xo

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  4. Love the new skirt! or the old skirt...whatever :)

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life

  5. Ah that skirt is perfection! I am loving lightwash denim lately--just picked up a high-waisted lightwash party skirt the other day, but I am loving the look in pencil skirt form on you!


  6. Yay, it looks so great! I was on a similar hunt myself, but I wasn't DYING to have one, just thought it would be nice. I found mine at Marshalls, but it isn't has a slit instead :)

  7. Wonderful!

  8. I never imagined a ripped denim skirt can look so stylish! Your combination with a white blouse and silver pumps is awesome.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  9. i have a few, older denim pencil skirts that i have been contemplating donating... now, it seems the best option is to wear them into the ground....

  10. Love the skirt and the shoes combo!

  11. Never thought a denim pencil skirt could look so good!

    Nicely done.

    Rebecca {at} Preppy Panache

  12. This is the perfect denim pencil skirt. Love it!

  13. I LOVE this Anna! I'm so intrigued that the denim skirt trend is back (hello, where the 90s even long enough ago to come back around?!). I've yet to find one for me but this skirt looks GREAT on you girl.

    Chelsea & The City

  14. so beautiful. this outfit is classy with a touch of fun!

  15. VERY cool! And you're right about pairing the skirt with those shoes - totally elevates the look!

  16. Great look and love how you paired it with the silver heels.

  17. Such a great skirt and look! I think you made the right choice, DIYing never works out very well for me! :)

  18. love those sunnies!


  19. Gorgeous look! Loving the delicate grey belt - what a nice touch! And those pumps are stunning!

    Bold Subtlety

  20. I love that you made the outfit look classy instead of from the 90s! The heels were a great choice. I also love the one from Dorothy Perkins!
    Simply Akshara

  21. Ahh, this is gorgeous Anna! I love the skirt, it gives such a casual, laid back vibe to an otherwise polished outfit! Perfection!

  22. Casual late-summer outfit! Lovely.



  23. love the vintage look it has.

  24. I love it! You picked a perfect one. Love this entire look.
    Have a good weekend:)


  25. Ur style is always amazing! LOVE it :)

  26. Love the skirt!!


  27. Any other shoe would have given too muh farm girl vibe. Wise choice with a lady like pump.
    So happy for you that you found your jean pencil skirt soul mate. I love when that happens.

  28. Just discovered your blog : )
    Those silver pumps really finish the look.

  29. i love the length of the skirt! such a gorgeous look!

  30. You look absolutely gorgeous- love the way you dressed up that denim! Those shoes are perfection!

  31. This look makes me wish I was allowed to wear denim to clinic! Love it!

    Much love, Joanna

    Beloved Jar of Clay

  32. Drooling right now. This outfit is perfection! Great blog! I just started following you :-)

  33. Love the length and distressed look of this denim skirt - gorgeous.

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  36. Love denim skirts and this one is perfect, the whole look is great.

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