Thursday, July 25, 2013

Distressed Denim Skirt (See Jane Want)

image / skirt / blouse / pumps / sunglasses / bag
I've got denim on the brain this week, apparently.  I never thought I would be saying this in my post-college life, but here goes:  I want a denim skirt.  In my defense, I'm not talking about the Abercrombie mini skirt that barely covered my backside and (most likely) had a white ruffle that lined the bottom (admit it, you had one, too); I want a tasteful, slightly distressed pencil skirt that I can wear with a crisp blouse and still feel like I'm dressing like an appropriate 28 year old.


  1. I just had this revelation the other day too! J.Crew has a simple one on sale that I was very tempted to pick up!

    - applewood road

  2. I am lusting after those sunglasses!

  3. Gawd, was just debating on those J Crew pumps! I'm so tempted!

    Bold Subtlety

  4. classing up the distressed denim skirt. love.

  5. classing up the distressed denim skirt. love.

  6. Love this look, so classic and fresh.

  7. I love that denim skirts are back in but I've yet to find the right one. Love this distressed option!

    Chelsea & The City

  8. love that skirt!!!

  9. Loving the denim pencil skirt!


  10. I love this pic! Where is it from? Great idea Jane!


  11. I got a perfect, slightly distressed pencil one with a little stretch at Gap a few years ago that I love!
    I love your style vision here with the crisp button down. I hope you find your perfect one soon.

    XO, gina

  12. That photo up there is completely winning me over, so I think I'm going to have to agree with you!

  13. Amazing that denim skirts are back and I love them - I am looking for a dark blue one at a decent knee length.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  14. I am on the hunt for a cool denim pencil skirt.

  15. Is it okay that I kind of want the white-ruffle lined denim short skirts to come back? Maybe I'm just nostalgic...

  16. I really love denim skirts for they really do not get out of fashion. Great choice of outfit. Love the bag so classy.

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