Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Easy Mango Salsa (See Jane Make)

Whenever we have people over, I always run to Whole Foods to pick up fresh guacamole and mango salsa.  I love making my own guacamole but was always hesitant to replicate their mango salsa--cutting one up is a challenge in itself.  Well, this past weekend, I sucked it up and made a damn good mango salsa.  And it was embarrassingly simple.


  • 2 mangos (cutting instructions here)
  • 1-2 fresh jalapeƱos (get rid of the seeds; use depending on preferred spiciness)
  • handful of cherry tomatoes
  • Juice of 2 limes
  • 1 red onion
  • small handful of cilantro, chopped
Serve with tortilla chips and enjoy!


Kimberly Bonham said...

Oh yummmmm does this look good! Going to have to try this one!

nora o said...

i love mango salsa. i will have to try this one!

Andrea said...

Wow this look delicious! I'm curious, how do you make your guacamole? There are like a million different recipes out there...? Funnily enough I posted my Guacamole recipe on my blog this morning!! Talk about a coincidence. ;)
xo Andrea

k come karolina said...

looks so yummy!

xoxo from rome

Meredith said...

This looks SO GOOD! Thanks for sharing, Anna!

Rory said...

Guac is my favorite thing in the whole world. I literally have it every day! :) Your mango salsa looks pretty banging im not gonna lie :)


Corbin Page said...

Yum! Add this to some fresh fish and I'm in!


LV said...

Mango salsa is one of my favorites. I love it especially in the summer. So great with salmon.

Shannon Willardson said...

I love mango salsa! This looks delicious!


Grace Lynne Fleming said...

delicious! love mango salsa and would love to make my own!


Greetings from Texas! said...

Bon Appetite!

Jill said...

I totally rely on that Whole foods salsa too. I cant believe how much yours looks like theirs. I guess it would be pretty easy to copy considering they put all the ingredients on the labels! Nice work! It looks beautiful. Also glad you didn't loose a finger cutting those slippery mangos.

Shannon Hearts said...

Looks like the perfect mix of sweet and spicy. YUM!

TheLittleBlackDress VLC said...

wow I always make guacamole, but this one sounds delicious.. i have to try!

Teresa and Maria

Chelsea said...

YUM! Mango is such a fun flavor for Summer. I need to try this recipe ASAP!

Chelsea & The City

Josie said...

I absolutely adore summertime mangoes, and this sounds like perfection. Yum!
xo Josie

Allie Emme said...

This is perfect for a nice, sunny day like today!
Allie | A Song to Pass the Time

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