Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Repurposed (See Jane Wear)

Kenna-T jacket (old but similar), Gap turtleneck, Old Navy skirt (old but this one is awesome for spring), J Crew pumps, Gap sunglasses
I will not discuss the weather.  I will not complain about the cold.

....ok, fine--I can't help it!  I need spring temperatures in my life.  If anything, the abysmal weather is keeping me creative.  I've been pulling items from the depths of my closet.  It's not like I have a choice in the matter; if I have to wear another sweater with skinny jeans and boots, I might go insane.


Meaghann Bendis said...

this look is super sassy... and I love it and you are totally beating the cold blues!
xo, Meg

Faith said...

I love the brown in this look!

Lauren said...

I keep hoping for spring to come, it's so close but so far away! Love this look, your jacket is fab!! xo

Elizabeth said...

You look cold in these photos. I don't blame you. I'm high-tailing it out of Chicago for some much-needed California springtime. Hope it cheers up here by the time I get back.

jules said...

well, on the bright side your pencil skirt and matching tights & pumps make you look super sleek and slim!!

xo julesinflats.com

CP and KW said...

chic skirt! love it with the contrasting jacket
kw ladies in navy

Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog - Girlie Blog Seattle said...

Beautiful outfit. I like how you wore the jacket with the dress. Adding something casual to a dress is a nice way to dress down.

I know what you mean about the weather. I'm always complaining too.

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soulofashopper said...

love the jacket...and those shoes..xo, ALma

Closet Fashionista said...

LOVE those J.Crew pumps! And yea...this weather is getting very old, very fast...haha

Kimberly said...

I know exactly what you mean - I am refusing to wear dresses or skirts until it warms up because I do not want to put on another pair of tights! On the bright side, I love this jacket - the color looks so rich & pretty on you :)


Lady of Style said...

OMG - very classy and stylish outfit!
I really love everything about it.
Gorgeous shoes as well.

Lady of Style

Jill GG (good life for less) said...

I am with you! Enough of this terrible weather! Uggh! I too have over-relied on skinnies, sweaters and boots and now I could just gag looking at them in my closet! The worst part is I don't see it getting warmer any time soon in the forecast! Yikes!


Love Your Clothes, Love Yourself - CK said...

It's so hard to be creative with outfits with a winter this long! I'm dying for bare legs and dresses. You hit this one out of the park though! I love the dark stripes and that jacket...sigggh...so pretty.

Hope spring comes soon for both of us!


Folle De Joie said...

Chic look!



Sam said...

I am just ACHING to have bare legs. Spring is definitely taking its sweet time. And it's not complaining... is observing, right?! :)


blue roses said...

totally agreed.... my permutations are becoming increasingly more creative as i try to rebel and resist from wearing the same denim and same wool sweaters.

dig the pumps.

Andrea said...

I'm totally with you! Here in Austria it's still freezing cold, even though as of today it's officially spring! Well,... you wouldn't guess it.
However your outfit looks great, but does it really keep you warm? ;)
xo Andrea
Wonderful and Marvelous

christin said...

If it snows one more time here, I will lose it.

Susan Graves said...

Wonderful fitting.Really amazing matching.The brown jacket with black old navy skirt makes incredible looking.

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The Egg said...

va va voom!

xo the egg out west.

Chelsea said...

What a fabulous leather jacket! You look gorgeous.

Chelsea & The City
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Kareena K said...

love the leather jacket!



Josie said...

I'm so with you. I swear I won't complain about the weather... But it just makes me so miserable.
xo Josie

Ashlei Mosley said...

Ugh, girl I feel ya! I think the weather is all I've talked about this entire week so far, haha! I just want to wear a skirt/dress without putting on tights, I'm so sick of tights.


Perpetuity said...

Love the brown and black mix..classic!

Kacie Ellis said...

Great brown and black look!


Jane said...

I HEAR YOU!!! It's pretty cold in New York still and keeps snowing! I've given up looking good. I've been wearing super thick tweed pants every day.


Kristy said...

I love how you paired the skirt with the leather jacket and made it day-time appropriate! And Chicago weather is terrible! It's like it's winter all over again.

Shannon Willardson said...

That leather jacket is killer! great look!



LRB said...

Patience spring will come (for real)! In the meantime, loving the interior of that jacket.


Mz Savvy Style said...

Love this look! I've been doing the same thing with my wardrobe and I'm getting quite creative!

Lizzie & The Urbaness said...

Love the jacket!

lalovesblog.com said...

I love this jacket!! It will be great in Spring too.. if it ever comes!

ZADIN said...

You look so chic. I like how the brown leather jacket stands out from the whole look.


Leah said...

Love this combo. I may have to steal this look for my next business meeting. ;) It's still fun and young but professional for my career.

Bernice McMillan said...

What a perfect blend of brown and black!


Rosie Gaunt said...

I love the brown leather jacket with your all black outfit, more inventive than my jeans and a thousand layers, I've moved from the UK to Italy and still not found spring!!! :( x