Monday, October 15, 2012

Fox + Hound (See Jane Dog Sit)

Hunter boots, Karen Kane Dreamcatcher jacket (c/o), J Crew turtleneck, J Brand jeans
Do you remember when I posted about the day my sister adopted this adorable pup?  Look how big Miss Josephine is now!  Jojo, as we like to call her, stayed the weekend at my place while my sister was out of town.  She's really turned into such a little beauty.  I'd like to think that if she was born centuries ago she would be the perfect dog to accompany the royals on their hunting trips (it's the Beagle in her!).   She's super swift and loves to frolic--which is pretty much the exact opposite of my little Jerome.  Nevertheless, they love to play together and she's a sport for putting up with his bulldog antics all weekend.


  1. Oh she's such a beauty! Friends of mine also have a beagle and there's nothing better than taking her out on a stroll... she has so much energy it's really neat to watch her race around!! :)
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  2. She's such a beauty!! Great jacket btw :)

  3. What a good dog, I wish I could get my pup to sit this still in front of the camera!

  4. That dog is adorable - I want one! Love your wellies and cozy jacket :)

  5. She's beautiful. It's so cute how she's leaning on you in the photos.

  6. That sweater is so so chic! Looks super cozy! Love this look! :)

    xo, Christina

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  7. I like your Wellingtons, such a lovely colour.

  8. Hi Jane!

    I'm really loving your post! The Karen Kane jacket is lovely but your sisters puppy steals this post!

    Too adorable!

    Love your blog!

    xx Tasha

  9. OMG what a cutie!!! and the outfit isn't too bad either!!! the colored hunters & great printed jacket are both amazing for the fall!!!!

    thanks for sharing!!!
    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  10. Love hearing about pups being adopted :) Also, great jacket. I recently bought leggings with a similar pattern. Can't get enough of that Aztec!

  11. What and amazing jacket! Looks so cozy for fall.

  12. How cute is that dog! Love how she sits ... so adorable.

    Sea and Swank

  13. I can definitely see what you mean about her being a royal dog. She's precious!

    xo, alison*elle

  14. Ahhh Jojo looks like a movie star dog!!! She is gorgeous! Yay for adopting animals :)
    Time Stand Still

  15. She's such a beauty!! I just saw a little puppy beagle yesterday and was dying over how adorable it was. You're even dressed the part as if you're part of the royal family hunting squad!

  16. The knit you are wearing is perfect for Fall!!! I love it, especially paired with those boots :-)

    Is that a beagle?? I have two!!

  17. Jojo is adorable! I am slightly (overly) partial to beagles and she is too precious. I love the jacket too. When a puppy is in the post I kind of forget about the rest of the post haha
    Libby at

  18. One of my favorite outfits of yours. :)

  19. Gorgeous sweater! Cute doggie!

  20. love this look!

  21. Great look and very clever photography using this colour themed background! Love the balance of colour, very pretty jacket! It works!
    Jojo is a cutie too!
    Zoe xxx

  22. JoJo is adorable!! I love the fabulous print of your jacket too and how chic the Hunter boots look with it.


  23. I adore that jacket with those boots! Very Navajo-ish inspired and preppy at the same time.

  24. Too cute! I love your fun orange Hunters.
    xo Josie

  25. maybe i'll always be jealous you have hunter's in that color.....maybe.....


  26. Jojo is so cute and he seems to be so camera friendly! I also have a dog and its a whole lot of a task to make him sit still for a minute.
    Love your coat!
    Greetings from India

  27. What a cute pup! And love that jacket!

  28. Cute look! Loving your jacket! And that pup is adorns!


  29. Jojo is SO cute + I love your orange wellies!
    ♡ Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

  30. I absolutely love this outfit! The jacket looks so cozy and cute. Adorable dog as well :)


  31. I love these boots! I have been wanting to buy a pair. Are they fairly comfortable? All the other rain boots i have owned in the past felt so heavy, like I was walking around with concrete stuck to my feet.

  32. Gorgeous sweater! Cute doggie!

  33. The jacket looks lovely with the Hunter boots. I am a huge fan of rain boots. I actually keep a pair in my car just in case of rain. They have come in handy over the years saving my shoes.

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