Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Shady Situation (See Jane Shop)

2. Super
4. RayBan

The search is over; I've officially lost a great pair of sunglasses.  It's not a proud moment (it's the first good pair I've ever lost) but I'm admitting that they're finally gone.  I have other pairs but have only been exclusively wearing my Karen Walker shades as of late.  I'm on the hunt for more, specifically candy-colored frames (across all price points).  Should I splurge or are pastel sunglasses a fleeting trend?


  1. Love number 4! and 5!

  2. I like that you tagged this post Epic Fail... ha, you continue to crack me up girl! I'm saying save on pastel shades and splurge on a more classic pair. I'm going through a phase where I'm tired of my trendier sunnies and I may try to sell them.

  3. I love #5. But I would say skip out on the pastel glasses since they'll eventually go out of style. Classic is the way to go!

  4. What a perfect selection of sunglasses! Love all of these!

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  5. I just love #2, even though these usually look bad on my horse-face.. but who knows... maybe I should give them another try! :o)


  6. Love all!! really nice selection...
    #3 and #5 are my favourites! :)

  7. I think pastels in general will be a huge trend this spring/summer, and then you'll see the trickle down effect on slow-to-follow types next year... just like those who refused to try Essie Mint Candy Apple and then everyone had moved on to coral...haha, oh fashion...

    Personally, I go cheap on accessories anyway simply because I mix them up and wear the beans out of them - I'm much gentler on my clothing, so that's where I spend my money. I got a few cheapie pairs of pastel sunnies at Target and if I lose them or the novelty fades, no harm no foul.

    That said, I'll drop a dime on classic black or tortoise frames in a great silouhette - those are like the Burberry trench of my accessory collection.

  8. Love them all but... I would totally splurge on more classic sunglasses and spend less on the pastels!


  9. Absolutely love #4!! You pull off so many styles of sunglasses, so you should definitely try pastel frames! xx, Allie

  10. Love #1 and #4. I'm picky when it comes to sunglasses so I would buy a good pair. Plus even if pastels are just a trend, it's a trend that comes back every spring. ;) - Carla

  11. OH my these are all gorg, Go with two (super) or four (Ray Bans). Two I se being in for a while, and the Ray bans are always classic.

  12. I'm loving colored shades for spring! I'd say don't splurge...but the Ray Bans (#4) are always a classic!

  13. i LOVE those Super sunnies. I really fear the day I lose a beloved pair of sunglasses. I'm sorry yours are gone. I'm hurting for you right now. haha. For the price, #3 would be hard to NOT get. At least then you could try the trend out and if you love it, buy an invest pair.

    p.s. It's funny to see a Lucky Star Casino ad under this. I live in random!

  14. I love 2, 5, and 4. I don't think they would go out of style, they're just classic enough to go with everything. I'm still a sucker for neutral colored frames on sunglasses, but pastel frames are beautiful and you could definitely pull them off!

  15. Gotta say that I'm loving the #2...especially considering the pieces you have in your wardrobe. Would be a great accent/complement.

    <3 Cambria

  16. no. 2 definitely! it's a classic shape and i think that the nude color is versatile and very complementary. yes, black sunglasses are great and all, but why not steer away a little bit from that? this pair is much more interesting.

  17. I wouldn't splurge. I got some great pale yellow wayfarers at Target for cheap and they're lovely.

  18. I love the Elizabeth and James ones! Super cute. But losing a great pair of sunglasses is a huge drag, right?
    xo Josie

  19. Great finds! Love the Super and Ray-ban sunnies!


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