Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bollare NYC (See Jane Visit)

fancy script
The lovely people at Bollare NYC (they represent clients such as Big Star Denim, JewelMint and Lucca Couture just to name a few...) invited me into their showroom to check out the space as well as some of their clients' offerings.  Upon entering, what struck me first was the gorgeous, natural lighting that drenched the open loft space.  In addition, neatly organized racks and attractive displays were lined along the walls.  I perused through the clothes and tried on some outfits (how the employees don't play dress up everyday is beyond me).  Check out a few snapshots from my visit:

bright pink isabel lu dress + coffee
i wish i was this organized
i'd like to stack those rings, please
quiksilver coat + david kahn coated pants
i'd wear that necklace daily
dress you up in my love
I can't thank Paulina and the Bollare NYC team enough for letting me swing by the loft and inviting me to the Ivana Helsinki show!  Be sure to check out their blog here.


  1. Oh I love your blog and your instagram!

  2. This looks awesome! That neon pink dress on you is stunning.


  3. love the pink dress! so gorgeous!

  4. You look absolutely gorgeous in the pink dress! Love these photos.

  5. How YOU left without kicking and screaming is beyond me?! I would have begged to just move in a sleep amongst the scarves. But that is just me! LOL


  6. Omg can you imagine if that was the closet you got dressed in every morning? Such a dream!

  7. That scarves are so major!!! xoxo

  8. Amazing! I wish I was that organized, too...and that I had that many awesome scarves ;) Love the I.Lu dress on you!

  9. What a beautiful space! Pretty hot pink dress too.

  10. the pink Isabel Lu dress is such a a flattering color on you! super cute!

  11. SO fun! And I absolutely love that pink dress on you, doll!
    xo Josie

  12. What a beautiful loft and lovely pieces...such a dream!

  13. So pretty in pink!

  14. Im in love with that bright pink dress!

  15. So cool : )Looks like you're having a great time

    xx Anna Rose

  16. What a fun day, such a lucky lady! I love that bright pink dress.

    Found your blog via Refinery 29, and I'm such a fan! Love from one Chicago Blogger to another


  17. You look stunning in that bright pink dress!!!! absolutely amazing!

    love K

  18. Jane,

    I am not a big fan of pink, but I absolutely love you in the bright pink isabel lu dress! Sometimes a whole outfit in something so bold is overwhelming. This works! You simple styling is the icing on the cake!


  19. Love that photo of you in the pink dress!! So gorgeous!

  20. nothing gets to me more than a bunch of wonderfully printed clothing hanging on a rack. it's just there, inviting me to come sift through it! love that feeling~


  21. You look so pretty in the pink dress!

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