Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hot Pink Hue (See Jane With a Bird)

Zara jacket, Gap skirt, F21 stole + bracelet, Express shoes

Nothing gets you through hump day like a hot pink hue.  I bought this skirt on sale at the Gap with the intent of saving it for summer; however, I realized it would work for a blustery, Chicago winter (but dry) day just as well.  

On a side note, wearing maxi lengths have always made me feel a bit self-conscious.  As a taller gal, I have always thought they look better on my shorter friends and counterparts; I think I just look like a column in them.  But, I like the aesthetic of them and it's one of those instances where my better judgement overrides my insecurities.

PS Thanks to my friend/co-worker Birdie for snapping some pics for me on our way to Walgreens!  She's in head to toe J. Crew...very cute.


  1. I don't think you look like a column at all- if anything, I think taller girls tend to pull off maxi skirts better than us shorties... I feel like short girls can get swallowed in them!

    Anyway, I haven't visited in a while but just wanted to say that every single outfit on this page is beautiful. I especially love the one with the leather skirt and leopard blouse. You have such great style, Jane!


  2. beautiful skirt, you look bright and cute. I like how you add some edge to it by paired with lather jacket. You both look so cute !!!

  3. LOVE this, you look spectacular! And Birdie is so adorable!

  4. I actually think maxis look better on taller people. This looks awesome on you :)

  5. love how you styled your hot pink maxi for winter :)


    Fashion Fractions

  6. You look fabulous in that hot pink maxi! I have the opposite problem...I feel like I'm too short for maxi's - I always trip on them (unless I hem them...which I'm not so great at :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  7. You look like a very colourful pair ;) Sounds like a fab day out!
    (And that maxi looks stunning on you)

  8. i face the same issue with maxi skirts! i feel like more fitted ones are the only ones that work on me because they show some shape to break up the height. but then shorter girls say maxi skirts make them look squat, so i guess we all have our insecurities!
    in dramatic fashion

  9. I always thought maxi skirt looked better on tall girls, I feel that they make a petite girl like me look shorter. You look beautiful in it, and the pink hue is total eye candy. x

  10. LOVE your outfit! And I think Maxis look better on taller girls, I feel like I look stumpy when I wear my only one, haha
    And Birdie has such a cute outfit on!

  11. I love how the black looks against the fuschia.

    P.S. Head-to-toe J. Crew is always a win!

    Doux Rousse

  12. i saw this skirt on sale at gap and debated to feverishly about it; i have one that is similar, same cut, from a boutique, but in a more dusted, prairie pink. i thought they would be too similar.... sigh. regret.

    taller girls definitely look better in maxis than most shorter girls, especially shorter girls that are not a complete waif. maxis can truncate the length of the legs, making someone who is short appear even shorter, and look like they are dressing up in their mom's clothes. this is a beautiful look for you!

  13. I always get self conscious about maxi skirts/dresses too but you really pull it off beautifully! Love the outfit!

  14. Love the hot pink! I'm average height (five six) and always feel awkwardly short in maxi lengths (although I think that might mostly be in my head) but I love seeing other people pull them off confidently!

    Courtney ~

  15. I'm tall as well, and I struggle with the long hemlines too. It's one of the trends that I haven't bit into yet. But I agree with the other commenters, it does look fabulous on you, and I'm glad your better judgment won out!

  16. I love the fact that you look so fierce in this hot pink maxi. I've wanted to try a maxi skirt, but can't seem to find the right length for me. You've inspired me to try this trend- thanks!


  17. I agree! I am only 5"5 but i still tend to feel self conscious in a maxi, but I still love them. This hot pink hue is perfect for the winter blues!

    xo Lynzy

  18. I love that pink skirt!

  19. I think the opposite about maxis on tall vs short people. I'm short and I think it makes me look stumpy! You pull off that skirt so well.

    And I love how your coworker paired the leopard cardigan with the orange top. She looks great!


  20. The hot pink is amazing amazing!,


  21. I think I have that same shirt your friend is wearing. Just wore my maxi skirt, and then it rained later in the day so I appreciate your comment about dry. Love the black and pink!

  22. That's so funny- as a shorter gal I always thought maxi skirts look terrible on me and can only work on taller girls :)

  23. Awe, Birdie looks darling in her leopard cardi + bright orange!

  24. I love that pink skirt, I always think i'm too short to wear those fun maxi skirts !

  25. love this hot pink hue! i feel the same, but i am a shorty! i have seen some patterned maxi skirts recently and may have to buy one for the spring!


  26. I think you look great in this maxi! The colour also suits you very well. xo

  27. You both look tres chic!! It's such a great idea to make a Maxi work for wintry day...a bright pink one at that :)

  28. i had my hands on that skirt today, it is gorgeous! glad you caught it on sale!! and it is so summery! yet perfect for the winter, the way you've styled it.

  29. And when do you pull out the snowsuit?! The weather is brutal today. The hot pink skirt looks great btw, good choice pulling it out now!


  30. Awe love seeing Bird on your blog. :) She was my co-worker once (tear! we miss her!!!)

  31. I totally disagree, actually! I'm 5'3" and feel like I can NEVER wear maxis... I always think they look better on taller girls! You look like a model. Per usual. What a shock. I love the pink!
    xo Josie

  32. I totally disagree about the maxi skirts. I feel like they look HORRIBLE on me because I'm short!

  33. it's a mystery to me how our insecurities sometimes get the best of us. i tend to over think things in general anyway. i often second guess myself when it comes to fashion and new things that i would love to try.

    you look lovely and so does does your friend!


  34. See, I've always been self-conscious about maxis because I'm petite! Thought they made me look small and dumpy :P I just got converted to them this past summer, but now that I've worn a maxi once...I can't get enough! They are so graceful, fun, funky, and easy to wear. LOVE the hot pink, makes it extra special.

    <3 Cambria

  35. Beautiful skirt! I love it!


  36. I thought it was just me! Being a taller girl, I too feel a little conscious in Maxi's.

  37. is your friend wearing the J.Crew MacAlister wedge?

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