Monday, February 28, 2011

On Edge (See Jane Wear)

J Crew blazer + belt, UO shorts, F21 top, Zara boots, Express tights, clutch - gift from friend
At a first glance, this outfit may seem slightly adventurous but once you see the demure, classic blazer and hints of lady-like lace all traces of possible edge seem to disappear.  I first wore this outfit when in Los Angeles last month when the temperatures were hot enough to wear shorts without tights but I wasn't quite ready to reveal my winterized legs (but here I am again, wearing it again in Chicago where tights are most definitely needed).  Sometimes when I travel and spend time in different cities, I like to dress in a bolder manner and take more chances with my clothing than I normally would; it's sometimes fun to be out of your element and take on the characteristics of the city you're visiting.

How was your weekend?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Benefit Beauty Event (See Jane Radiate)

me, alicia, anh + nicole (photo c/o anh - check out her blog for more pictures!)

I was cordially invited to a blogger beauty event at Benefit's headquarters in San Francisco on Wednesday (thank you again, Erin and all!) where I got to test out their new skincare line b.right Radiant Skincare.  The wonderful people at Benefit graciously gave us each a set of their new skincare line and let me tell you, my face feels super soft and hydrated.  I'm a longtime benefit fan (I credit my friend Marion for introducing me to Erase Paste: best.concealer.ever) and am often frequent their famous brow bars, so I can't wait to give these products a test run.

Unfortunately, because I was in San Francisco for work, I left the camera at home (but please, check out the iPhone Hipstamatic pictures taken in my hotel room below for a good chuckle); however, everyone there snapped a ton of pics, so be sure to check out their blogs!  It's funny because although I'm not technically a SF based blogger, they have definitely welcomed into their world as I semi-live my life out here due to my day job and constant travels.  It was great hanging out with Anh, Alicia, Becca, and Nicole and even though my project is winding down, I think I'll have to schedule some "follow-up work trips" out there, just to say hi!

For some reason, I don't think this shade of green is the oceanic look they were trying to convey.  Nevertheless, these are some great products that I am thrilled to try out!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Olive Oil Lemon Cake (See Jane Bake)

I'm by no means an expert baker, but sometimes you've just got to appease the crowds (i.e. Eric).  My fiancé doesn't just have one sweet tooth, he's got a whole mouthful.  As I perused through one of my best friend's blogs, I saw the words 'olive oil' + 'lemon' side by side and knew I needed to try it for myself.  The olive oil adds a certain depth to the cake, but without the heaviness.  I was tempted to call it a loaf, but ultimately ended up calling it a cake due to the cane sugar sprinkled on top and also to appeal to the man.  (Note to self:  men would rather eat something called a cake, rather than a loaf.)  I also made the fresh blueberry sauce as suggested in the recipe here and all in all, it made it a colorful, beautiful dessert that was just the remedy for a cold night in the dead of winter.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

That 70s Show (See Jane Wear)

J Crew top, Citizens of Humanity jeans, H&M belt, vintage LV bag, Kohls heels
I showed a glimpse of this outfit in yesterday's post but since I have more pictures, I thought I'd do a full post on it.  It's no secret that the 70s are making a big comeback for this spring; everyone seems to be dusting off their wide-leg jeans and busting out their flowing, silk blouses--myself included.  I bought these jeans a few years back when high-waisted, wide-leg pants were making yet another comeback (they come back every few years, it seems).  I find it to be a pretty androgynous look and ultimately, that's what I like about it.  I can just imagine it, back in 1972, where both men and women wearing a variation of this outfit to le discotheque.  Let's my apartment hallway.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Refinery29 Challenge (See Jane Shoot)

I had such a whirlwind weekend shooting the Refinery29 Style Blogger challenge.  It was fun, exhilarating and a little tiring, too.  The crew who came to do the shoot were awesome (seriously....thank you Randy and Jason!) and their laid-back presence made me feel uber-comfortable as the days went on.  I'd never done anything like this before and all in all, it was just an awesome experience.  I can't thank Refinery29, Jason and Randy enough--it was just downright incredible.  The video is set to debut on March 7 and I doubt I'll be able to see it before then so it looks like we'll all get to see it premiere together!  Until then, here are a few shots that Eric took over the weekend:

Randy, Jason + me

Friday, February 18, 2011

Bloomers (See Jane Wear)

Andre J shorts, Gap tee, Dolce Vita sandals, Joes Jeans bag

I just need to start off by saying how overwhelmed I am with your support in the Refinery29 Next Style Blogger contest (click to vote!).  I can't thank you enough for your messages and votes.  Seriously--you're all the best.

Here's one last outfit post from my whirlwind trip to the fair land of Mexico.   I bought these shorts at a little boutique in Loz Feliz during my last trip to LA.  For the life of me, I can't remember the store ( you remember?) but I also got the necklace I wore here at the same place.  As soon as I saw these shorts, I knew I had to have them.  Cascading layers of crocheted lace?  When I saw them, they stopped me dead in my tracks with their waterfall-esque beauty.  Fine, a tad dramatic, but I really like them.  I generally try to avoid things that would be described as 'fun and flirty' (sounds like a haircut I had in high school) but they are just that and that may just be what I love about them.

Have a great (and hopefully long) weekend, everyone.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Refinery29 Style Blogger Contest (See Jane Humbled)

If you follow me on Twitter, you already know that I have some exciting news to share with everyone:  I was chosen as a finalist for the Refinery29 Style Blogger Contest.  Don't ask me how it happened, but honestly, it's just an honor to be recognized.  I have to film a short video this weekend and I'll be sure to share as much as I can next week.  Being on camera is definitely not my forte, so it'll be interesting to see how it turns out.  If you have a chance, be sure to head the finalists page and click on the heart by my name to vote.  I truly appreciate everyone's support!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oh, Mexico (See Jane Travel)

punta mita sunset

Here a few shots from my whirlwind trip to Mexico this past weekend.  I didn't get much beach time, which is code for letting you know that I came back sans tan.  Nevertheless, it was so nice to just be in the sun for a few days, even if I was essentially running errands for part of it.  On a related note, I feel so much more at ease about the wedding--planning from afar can be a tad stressful!  It's all coming together and it'll be here before I know it.  And in the meantime, enjoy my Photography 101. 

wedding cake tasting
basil mojitos (possible wedding drink choice)
fresh, bright flowers everywhere
beaches of sayulita

another gratuitous sunset shot - but with eric's silhouette!

My goal in the upcoming weeks is to find the right shoes.  Tips?  Suggestions?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Go Long + Vote (See Jane Wear)

H&M top + belt, Zara skirt, Joes Jeans bag, Dolce Vita sandal

Maybe it was Mexico.  Or perhaps it was the warm, tropical breeze.  Either way, I did it:  I wore a maxi skirt against all my inhibitions.  Turns out, it wasn't so bad.  In fact, it felt sort of natural and I think I may get a few more.  On the note of Mexico, it was just fantastic.  I feel so much more at ease about the wedding and my planner was a total gem.  It's getting so close, but for some reason it hasn't quite hit me yet.  I'm sure that will change in the upcoming weeks when things start to really hit home.

Also, I need a favor from everyone.  A friend of mine is entering to win her dream internship with STA Travel and my friends and I would love for her to win.  Simply go to this page and click on "Become a Fan."  (Don't worry, it's not associated with facebook or anything and you don't have to provide an email or allow access to applications).  Thanks for your help!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Bites (See Jane Bake)

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone.  Love it or hate it, most people usually feel the need to do something and/or anything on this holiday.  Whether you hang out with all your girlfriends, participate in a straight-up love fest with your significant other, or sit on your couch eating a heart-shaped box of chocolates while watching the Lifetime movie du jour (what I'll be doing as Eric will most likely be working late), a little celebrating is always in order.

If you don't know what to do yourself come tonight, I suggest making these salty + sweet chocolate chip pecan cookies.  As I've mentioned before, I don't really have a taste for sweets;  Eric, on the other hand, has the biggest sweet tooth known to man, so these cookies were right up Compromise Alley (and isn't that what love's all about?).  We agreed that they didn't taste like a compromise--we both enjoyed them immensely.

Wishing you a sweet + salty holiday!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Birthday + Adiós (See Jane Getaway)

Happy Birthday to my wonderful mother (upper right)!

what an attractive family.  
san francisco, 2009

Your Doppelganger(s)

Also, as mentioned earlier this week, I'm off to Mexico to do a little wedding planning.  I wish I could say I was going strictly to bask in the sweet sunshine, but it's more of a business trip for me.  Anything is better than this winter weather, though, right?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tastes Like Spring (See Jane Cook)

While I love cold-weather eats and all types of comfort food, sometimes the heaviness gets me down and I end up craving something light.  I wanted a dish with a lot of color and shrimp--it was the perfect opportunity to have this Asparagus Shrimp Pasta. I incorporated a few more veggies to get in my daily dose, and it was just was the doctor ordered to cure those winter blues (it's not called SAD for nothing).

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Winter White (See Jane Knee Deep)

Zara sweater, F21 jeans, H&M belt, no-name necklace, Target hat, Marc Jacobs bag, Sorel boots

I'm partaking in the White Denim Extravaganza hosted by Carrie of This Free Bird.  Basically, the challenge was to demonstrate that white denim is just as wearable in winter months as it is during the summer.  I'm a 'white denim in the winter' virgin, so to start, I chose an overall neutral palette as I thought it winterized the outfit a bit more so than, say, a bright top.  Choosing footwear to go with white jeans in the winter was my biggest hurdle, so I opted for my trusty, sturdy, winter boots--they go with everything.  As for the sunglasses,  they're interestingly enough a winter essential (for me at least) because all these mounds of snow can be downright blinding!

Ultimately, this challenge (and, oh, it was...) taught me that you can wear just about anything in the snow as long as you pair it with huge, clunky, boots.

Be sure to check out the following gals that took part in the challenge today:

Monday, February 7, 2011

How Soon Is Now? (See Jane Wear)

Gap shirt, UO via TJ Maxx sequin cardigan (sister wore it here), Madewell jeggings, F21 stole + booties, Rebecca Minkoff bag
Pardon the lopsidedness of my faux-fur stole; I'm sure I adjusted it before I went into public.  On Friday, Eric and I went out to dinner for the first time in weeks (remember, I barely left the house last weekend).  Other than that, I had another laid back, but productive, weekend.  This upcoming week is going to be crazy as I'm headed to San Francisco for work, back to Chicago, and then onto Mexico Thursday morning to do some wedding planning.  I'm excited to make some decisions about my impending nuptials and actually meet my planner in person! 

How was your weekend?