Friday, September 16, 2011

Leftovers (See Jane Travel)

a nightcap on the hotel bar balcony.
(confession:  I may favor picture because it's the biggest my lips have ever looked)
Here are a few more favorite pictures from Bali.  I'm having a had time believing it's all over and that mid-September is already here!  Long gone are the warm days and sandy beaches.  Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to the brisk, fall weather, cozy sweaters and hearty food.  I'm sure I'll be eating my words come February.

eric getting sarong'd.
(men + women must don a sarong before entering a Hindu temple)
a house that we visited kept porcupines as pets.
(perhaps not the most cuddly choice, but adorable nonetheless)
Celuk is a small town located outside Ubud where the specialty is silver jewelry
(some bracelets I bought)
nasi goreng: an indonesian specialty + the spiciest chili sauce there ever was
(mouth on fire, but worth it!)
the best coffee ever (sorry, intelligentsia)
+ a jungle view
eric + the best tour guide ever.
realization:  i love the balinese.

Wishing everyone a fantastic weekend!


  1. Bali really is a relaxing place. Beautiful bracelets and delicious food. Glad you had a great time there:)

    Fashion Cat

  2. This are Amazing pictures! makes me wanna go there!)


  3. So excited for fall, too! The capture of the pet porcupines in Bali is super cute.

    ♥, Jamie

  4. Ah, loving your photos and those lips - hottie! :) I must go to Bali one day...!!

  5. The pictures are gorgeous. Every time I come back from a great vacation like that, looking at the pictures makes me want to go back asap! Glad you got so many great shots of your trip :)

  6. bali looks SO fun! i need to go there... and yes. where has September gone?! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  7. Great pictures- what an adventure!

    I'm a little sad to see summer go- but I have to cop to being excited about tall boots and sweaters. :)


  8. Bali looks amazing! I'm looking forward to the fall as well :)

    Have a great weekend!


    Fashion Fractions

  9. love is definitely in the air. have a good weekend! xoxo

  10. Bali looks so crazy-gorgeous! I'm so glad that you and Eric had such a blast!
    xo Josie

  11. what a cool, cool trip it must have been. i love the porcupines - so adorable. yes, prickly. but so cute, i am sure. have a good weekend jane!

  12. great photos and looks like a fabulous trip!


    P.S. I am now a bloglovin' follower! Find me too :)

  13. great photos!

  14. Gorgeous photos! I've been wondering if Bali was a trip we might like to take someday...

    And this post makes me want a cup of coffee...mmmmm.

  15. gosh, I'm so jealous! I'd love to experience all that.

  16. Your vacay seriously looked so dreamy! My parents live in the Philippines and they have amazing beaches - I have no idea why I don't go back more often. BTW - the cauliflower pizza...a little bit cauliflower-y. :)

  17. Steelers shirt on a Chicago man? Love it!

  18. Looks like your vacation was way more glamorous than mine! Which is quite appropriate since it was your honeymoon ;) congrats on your wedding btw! Love your blog!

  19. Gorgeous bracelets. Looks like an incredible, authentic trip.

  20. you look absolutely stunning in that first picture! :) so lovely! Now I want to go to Bali :)


  21. That veggie, rice dish + spiciest chili sauce ever looks absolutley amazing. Looks like an amazing trip :)

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