Friday, September 30, 2011

Dip (See Jane Make)

One of the best parts of fall is undoubtedly the food.  When I think of fall, the first thing I think of is apples, pumpkins, comfort foods and the tasty snacks that are served at football gatherings.  Sure, I love the cozy knits and sweaters, but I usually envision myself wrapped in one while sipping a delicious drink and stuffing myself with heart food.

The ever replicated spinach artichoke dip (served hot, please) is at the top of my dip list.  There are so many variations on this classic recipe and I've only met a few I haven't liked.  I used this recipe, but there's always room for improvement.  I haven't quite found my holy grail recipe just yet.

What's your favorite dip?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Old Habits (See Jane Wear)

J Crew shirt + skirt, Zara cardigan, Karen Walker sunglasses, LV bag, Express wedges
I can't thank you all enough for your kind and encouraging words regarding my recent career change.  It's a big change but I'm ready and excited for a change of pace.  I know I'll be working a lot of late nights and scrambling to get new clients (which, by the way, if you know of a guy in your life that may be interested or just want me to answer any questions--just email me!)

Anyway, I mentioned that the new job doesn't really have a dress code but I definitely won't be shaking my button-up and cardigan collection that I've acquired over the years.  The skirt is shorter than I'm used to at work, but it's fun to be able to wear it all day.  It'll take me awhile (or never) to stop my business casual tendencies; old habits die hard.

PS. Did you notice my sad, little basil plant in the first picture?  It died while on my honeymoon...probably time to get rid of it, eh?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A New Venture (See Jane Work)

You might have seen my tweets about my last day at work and a change in career.  I started this week at a men's fashion start-up called the Trunk Club.  I will be doing styling and sales and it's a major change from my past job and background (I was a finance major in college) but am totally excited to embark on this new venture.

Trunk Club aims to change the traditional shopping process for men who don't love shopping or lack the time to do so.  We personally handpick clothes (similar brands to those found at Nordstrom) to send a guy based on their preferences and personality.  Because shipping is free (both directions), we treat it as a rinse and repeat process; if we didn't quite get the style or fit with the first trunk, we'll send another along.  There's no risk to the customer as they only pay for what they keep.

If this sounds like something that your brother/dad/boyfriend/uncle/husband/best guy friend might be interested in, please shoot me an email at as I'd love to reach out to them.  I'm very excited to be taking a career change into the fashion industry (men's fashion is fun to me, too--I love shopping for Eric) and can't wait to see what the future brings.

Also, I will no longer need to adhere to a business casual wardrobe--but have no fear, I will still be wearing my pencil skirts and other work appropriate items; I've been wearing those clothes the past four years and don't see myself quitting anytime soon.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Catty (See Jane Wear)

Zara sweater, Gianetta blouse c/o, J Brand jeans, Forever 21 necklace, Enzo Angiolini boots, Elizabeth James sunglasses, Chloe bag
I've never been a huge fan of silky, button-down shirts until the past year or so.  Although I wear them quite often, I still have a bit of a complex about them because I think they make me look a little too boyish.  I've gotten over my insecurity simply because of how versatile they've proven to be--tucked into a skirt, under sweaters, or worn as a tunic over jeans, just to name a few ways.  Plus, when a blouse has a leopard print like this one, it's impossible to feel like a pre-pubescent boy when wearing it.

So, how was your weekend?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Doubled Up (See Jane Wear)

H&M jacket, BB Dakota fur vest, Pitaya jeans (similar), Old Navy blouse, J Crew heels, Karen Walker sunglasses

Layering your clothes is one way to make your style unique and also useful for in-between weather months.  Too hot?  I took this layer jacket off and then once I stepped outside, it was chilly so I put it back on.  Of course, I wore this last week when the weather was in the 50s and this week it's been a lot warmer so I'm not exactly practicing what I'm preaching.  Regardless, layers are essential when it's not quite summer, but not quite fall--don't you think?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Warmth (See Jane Cozy)

When the weather is still warm, the thought of fall is completely romanticized.  While temperatures hover in the low 70s, I envision myself fireside, swaddled in a warm sweater, and sipping a warm drink while my shepard's pie is still cooking in the oven.  Funny how once January comes around, all I want is a beach, bathing suit and an icy cocktail in hand.  While cooler temps still have their appeal, let me present to you a cozy outfit that I foresee being my uniform from October through March.

Clare Vivier clutch
How do you get cozy?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Flood (See Jane Wear)

 J Crew top, scarf + shoes, Gap pants, drugstore umbrella (fancy)
Business casual isn't all pencil skirts and cardigans--at least, it doesn't have to be.  A slim pair of pants paired with a silky blouse is just as professional as an oxford and skirt.  To edge it up (I push the limits in the corporate world), I added leather cutout booties and a bright fuchsia scarf.  A slim, cropped pair of pants may be one of the most versatile items in a wardrobe.  Whether dressed up at work with this olive blouse or down on the weekend with an over-sized blouse and ballet flats, I wear them more than I'd like to admit and find myself always gravitating towards them when I'm running late before work.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Leftovers (See Jane Travel)

a nightcap on the hotel bar balcony.
(confession:  I may favor picture because it's the biggest my lips have ever looked)
Here are a few more favorite pictures from Bali.  I'm having a had time believing it's all over and that mid-September is already here!  Long gone are the warm days and sandy beaches.  Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to the brisk, fall weather, cozy sweaters and hearty food.  I'm sure I'll be eating my words come February.

eric getting sarong'd.
(men + women must don a sarong before entering a Hindu temple)
a house that we visited kept porcupines as pets.
(perhaps not the most cuddly choice, but adorable nonetheless)
Celuk is a small town located outside Ubud where the specialty is silver jewelry
(some bracelets I bought)
nasi goreng: an indonesian specialty + the spiciest chili sauce there ever was
(mouth on fire, but worth it!)
the best coffee ever (sorry, intelligentsia)
+ a jungle view
eric + the best tour guide ever.
realization:  i love the balinese.

Wishing everyone a fantastic weekend!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mellow (See Jane Wear)

J Crew sequin tank, unknown knit vest (old), Citizens of Humanity jeans, Dolce Vita wedges, Chloe bag, F21 belt, Elizabeth and James sunglasses
It's a casual week over here at See Jane.  While everyone is getting fancified at NYFW (and I'm really loving their looks), I've been wearing jeans and basics.  Normally, I wouldn't see myself in a wide-leg jeans and vest combo, but for some reason this past weekend, my inner boho wanted to escape.  I felt that all I was missing were some Lennon-style glasses and a little fringe.

Ok, I think I'm ready to get gussied up again.  Bring on the skirts and heels!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Fresh Air (See Jane Wear)

Joie top (romper version here), Old Navy vest, J Brand jeans, Dolce Vita flats, Chloe bag, Karen Walker sunglasses, MAC lipstick in 'crosswires'

I was jet-lagged for quite some time upon returning from Bali.  Labor Day weekend was a blur--I was waking up at 2AM and passing out by 9AM--sleeping throughout the day.  It was definitely the worst case of jet-lag I'd ever experienced.  My sister stopped over one day to find me sleeping on the couch and had an intervention.  She made me get up and walk around with her (it was a beautiful day) in hopes that I would liven up a bit.  Turns out, a little fresh air can work wonders.  The weather was crisp and felt like the beginning of fall--the perfect remedy for my tired soul.  Big sisters usually know best, right?
How was your weekend?

Friday, September 9, 2011

Very Lucky (See Jane...In A Magazine)

similar boots:  here and here
If you happen to read the October issue of Lucky Magazine, be sure to look out for my feature that shows one pair of boots worn two ways!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Island Style (See Jane Wear)

saint grace skirt (worn here), c/o tilly boutique top (worn here), karen walker sunglasses

Now that it's September, I'm being inundated with fall and winter fashion so naturally I have another warm weather outfit to share.  Visiting Bali was my first time in the southern hemisphere and due to its proximity equator, it was hot. This outfit is pure summer, but I do plan on wearing this maxi skirt into fall with a cropped sweater and flats, which is just about the only piece of this outfit that can be carried into the cold weather.  Sadly, even my tan has already peeled off.  That was quick.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bali Hai (See Jane Honeymoon)

take me back

Bali is a magical place.  The postcard-like landscape is made up of beaches, volcanoes and rice paddies; it's like every moment is an opportunity for another perfect picture.  The food is spicy, colorful and (of course) delicious.  Seafood is in abundance and a special chili sauce that awakes the taste-buds (with a jackhammer) is accompanied with fried noodles and rice.  Most of all, the people are kind, gracious and geniunely friendly.  The Balinese are extremely family-oriented and religion is at the forefront of their lives.  Throughout their days, they make offerings, work, spend time with their families all while with a great, big grin on their faces.  I found that the Balinese love to chat with tourists and as one, I found that very refreshing.  I'm so glad and grateful that we were able to spend our honeymoon there and it was a trip that won't be forgotten.  Here's to hoping that I'll be able to return someday.
my eric (his sunglasses were my wedding gift to him)

mt batur - an active volcano
beautiful rice paddies
three stages of coffee beans
an offering sits upon a temple statue
nusa dua sunrise with an island in the background

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sentimental (See Jane Wear)

Hi, everyone--it's good to be back in the USA.  I hope you enjoyed the guest bloggers and loved their stylish posts as much as I did (seriously, thank you to Jentine, Meghan, Helena, Laura, Krystal, Audrey and Andrea!).

French Connection dressDolce Vita sandals, H&M belt, Karen Walker sunglasses

I bought this dress for my wedding rehearsal dinner back in May and had high hopes for frequent opportunities to wear it throughout the summer.  As the months passed, it moved farther back into my closet.  In a last minute packing frenzy, I threw it in my suitcase for the honeymoon.  The dress fit in perfectly with the island atmosphere--flowing and breezy with each step.  Turns out, this dress is perfect for Mexico and Bali; unfortunately for me, it would have been great for Chicago all summer as well.  I'll definitely try and wear it a bit more next summer, however, I know I'll be holding on to it for years to come--if only for the sentimental value.

It's nice to be back and I can't wait to show you some snippets of Bali!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Blonde Bedhead (See Jane's Friend)

Here's my friend, Andrea, with the last guest post of my vacation.  I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone when I return!  

With fall quickly approaching, I can't help but think about how I plan to style some fun outfits for the cooler weather. Last fall, I was all about leopard print, fur and shearling, and I have a feeling these trends will continue to make their way into my outfits this fall as well.

I also plan to incorporate more colored jeans and fun prints into my outfits this fall. What's your favorite fall staple and what trend do you want to try this year?

Come visit me at Blonde Bedhead, (

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Lovely Escape (See Jane's Friend)

hi ladies - i'm audrey from a lovely escape and i couldn't be happier to fill in for anna today while she's off enjoying the bali sun and sand for her honeymoon! since summer is wrapping up and fall is right around the corner it seemed fitting to share 3 of my favorite summer trends/outfits and what i'm most looking forward to come fall...

 {there's nothing i love more than an all white outfit. this white skirt was one of my summer go tos and something i plan on transitioning into fall.}

{i lived in maxi dresses this summer. i wore this one to a wedding and dressed it up with a big bun.}

 {big bright colors were everywhere this summer, but this minty fresh hue was by far my favorite color of the season.}

i'm hoping to find ways to fold some of these pieces into my fall wardrobe, but i'll definitely be adding a couple of new pieces to my closet. like:

thanks for having me anna - can't wait to see and hear all about your beautiful trip!