Monday, August 22, 2011

My Edit (See Jane's Friend)

I'm leaving for my honeymoon today and in the meantime, some of my favorite bloggers will be filling in for me.  To kick things off, we have the gorgeous (and hilarious) Jentine of My Edit.

Anna's recent post about dressing down a more formal dress got me thinking about my little fancy dress corner in the closet. It's a happy place. A few years ago Matt and I were going to a plethora (I will never get tired of using that word) of weddings each summer and I took every opportunity to get dressed up. I almost took it for granted. Sadly, the number of invites have since slowed down (we're getting older... or smellier) and I just wear these dresses to company Christmas parties or to dust my house on a Friday night. I try not to dust my house, so, usually the dresses just hang quietly in the closet.

wedding outfit 6
wedding outfit 2

But those fancy items in my closet are some of my favourite things and it's a pity they don't get out more. It's especially a pity that this glamourous sequin skirt doesn't see the light of day. The last time I wore it was my brother's wedding in Holland (hence the cow pictures) two years ago and I felt ridiculous, over the top and awesome all day long. I love this skirt and I would love a chance to wear it again. Maybe I just need to do what Anna did and throw a chambray shirt over it. You only live once, and you might as well be sparkly.


  1. This is such a beautiful skirt!! Great post!!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  2. Very creaive picture! I love this skirt.

  3. Love the skirt! Kisses!

  4. omg - sequins and cows, LOVE IT! looking fab, please find more reasons to wear that skirt. great guest post!


  5. That skirt is amazing and I love that you are posing in front of cows in your fancy get up. Bahaha. Perfecto!

  6. Love the second photo! xoxo

  7. Have an AMAZING time on your honeymoon. That sequin skirt on your friend is INCREDIBLE.

    Fashionable Collections Giveaway

  8. i actually think a chambray shirt with this skirt would be perfection!!

    great post :)

  9. That skirt is a show stopper. The way the colors fall/ meld together gives it such a unique look. I hope you find more ways to style it because it's much too beautiful not to be worn.

  10. That skirt is amazing! Time to dust it off again!

  11. If I had that skirt I think i'd have trouble NOT wearing it everyday! And i'm pretty sure people would notice.

  12. yes that outfit is awesome. sometimes i dress up and just hang out at home all night. i also hate dusting. its my most hated of all chores.

  13. I heart the sequins!! GORG! And cows, I love me some holstein cows!!!

  14. That skirt is absolutely stunning! xo

  15. I LOVE that gorgeous skirt! Pleeeeease pair it with a chambray shirt; that would look adorable!
    xo Josie

  16. absolutely stunning! dressed down perfectly


  17. such a gorgeous skirt! i think it would look great with chambray shirt on ;)


    Fashion Fractions

  18. Cool idea. I always see pretty sparkly things that I would love to have, but don't think I have a place to wear them, since I don't have a boyfriend to take me to any fancy places or any formal events that call for it. This is definitely inspiring and I will save it for future reference.


  19. Just ask yourself WW-ADR-D?

    What would Anna Dello Russo Do?

    Wear it. To the Mall - check. Grocery store - check.


  20. ahhh love this skirt. love with the cows in the background :)

  21. i can't get over this photo. love the glamorous skirt with the field and cows in the background. amazing!
    london camille of

  22. The skirt is AMAZING! You definitely need to wear it A LOT more :)


  23. Absolutely STUNNING! LOVE!!


  24. Loving the skirt wow!


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