Tuesday, December 21, 2010

H&M Home (See Jane Wish)

Ever notice that you want what you can't have?  That's how I feel about H&M's home line.  There it is, readily available online, and much to my dismay, they only ship to European countries.  True to H&M form, the prices are extremely reasonable and the styles are hit or miss (for me, at least).  Some things I love, while other things--not so much.  But, even truer to form, is that their line is quite innovative and extremely on trend.  I will hope for a Christmas miracle that H&M will start shipping to the States.
*clockwise from top left
Textile Basket - Perfect for holding magazines.
Pillow Cover - For $8 a pop, I would cover my couch in several of these.
Cashmere Throw - The only cashmere I've seen for under $100.
Hand Towels - The prettiest gray and $3 for two towels--buy extras.
Lace Tablecloth - If I had a dining room table or a long dresser, I would cover it in this.  

For all my friends abroad, I envy you.  For those North Americans who are letting out a collective sigh with me, I guess we'll have to be patient.

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delia said...

Oooh I hope our stores in Canada will carry the line too.

Have a happy Tuesday Anna Jane :)


Collette Osuna said...

Another thing for me to get addicted too, lol...love your wishlist:)

Stop by and say Hello:)
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Gigi LaFleur said...

Absolutely and utterly gorgeous - wish I'd stocked up on some while living in England. They'd be perfect for my new apartment.


Cara said...

i am sure they will be available soon :)

Jessica said...

Every time I see someone wearing something adorable from H&M my heart breaks a little. Kidding, but really though. We don't have an H&M anywhere near us, so online shipping is on the top of my "please please please happen" list.

PearlsAndGreenTea said...

I looove the pillow covers!! and How affordable!! Hopefully they will be available in the US soon!!


Julie and Lauren said...

Stooop. I'm obsessed! Want that pillow. Great post.


Taylor said...

I completely agree, it make zero sense!!! Maybe we need a inside connection abroad....or could we have them delivered to a hotel, and pick them up there while vacationing....hey I dream big!

Jamie said...

aaaahhhhh!!!! This is SOOO exciting!! Let's hope they don't take too long to ship to us because those pillow covers are so amazing I have to have them!!!


Closet Fashionista said...

Oooh wow! Great stuff...stupid no shipping to the US :p

Annie said...

Oh my gosh, how exciting!!! I really hope they're in the US soon...

TheChambrayCountess said...

This and Valentino for GAP makes me want to whine, "Why does Europe get all the good stuff?!" but I won't whine bc Santa is watching ;) Still, very cool that they are doing home stuff now and I hope we get it soon!

Alicia said...

Loving those pillow covers!!!

Christina said...

I hope they eventually have plans to sell in the US. We need this!

Valerie said...

I had no idea they had a home line! That lace tablecloth is calling my name. Maybe one day they'll ship to the states. Fingers crossed!


Erica said...

They need to bring this stuff to the states ASAP!!!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

OOO! OOO! Love the lace table cloth! super cute.

Nikki said...

ugh, I want this stuff too!
I love that bucket and pillow!

maybe someday!


Ronisha said...

Love your post :)

come visit my blog & we can follow each other :))


Katie said...

I would love a cashmere throw. Theyre usually so expensive, great price!

20 York Street said...

That's too bad Eh? Its even worse for us here in Canada, theres a lot of stores that doesnt even exist here!


Josie said...

That cashmere throw looks sooooo cozy! So sad that they don't do US shipping!
xo Josie

style'n said...

ha ha of course right? maybe soon!

this free bird said...

Oh hello! That cashmere throw is so pretty and the price is great. Some day Anna Jane. Some day your ship will come in.


Elle Sees said...

i had NO IDEA such a thing existed. grrr. haha.
ps--i have a giveaway i think you'd like.

Emma said...

I love that lace tablecloth, it's such a ship they don't ship to the states!