Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gift Guide for the Impossible (See Jane Choose)

We all those people in our lives--those that are impossible to shop for.  They come in all shapes and sizes:  mothers, sisters, friends, even brother.  Perhaps they have everything or maybe they're the kind that claims they'll love anything you buy for them.  Right.  And they'll love it right up until they re-gift it at their next exchange.  We all want our gift recipient to have a big smile upon their face when they open their present, whether it be from intuitively knowing what they wanted or by blindly choosing something that they never realized they'd love.  Here are a few options for those kids of people (and no, they're not gift cards):

*clockwise from top left

  1. Penguin Classic Hardcover Books -  Few people dislike these classics.  And, well, if the impossible person is illiterate, these beauties sure do stack nicely.
  2. The All Nighter Hair Powder - For your girlfriend that has a corporate job, but loves to party on weekdays (and is too good for baby powder).
  3. Alpaca Print Wrap - No matter how much she has, another scarf will always be welcome in any girl's closet.
  4. Back to Basics Address File - Because sometimes everyone needs a break from emails and it would look good on anyone's desk (and anyone would love it but not want to buy it for themselves).
  5. Polaroid Instant Camera - Is there anyone who doesn't love to see instant photos develop right before their eyes?  Doubt it.
  6. Savoy Cocktail Shaker + Bar Tool Set - This looks cool on any bar (or kitchen table top).  Drink, don't swill these cocktails.  You be Don and I'll be Betty, go.
  7. HMS Lollipop Apron - Your mom insists she doesn't want anything, then why is she still wearing her apron from 1982?
Do you have any impossible gifts to buy this year?


  1. Ooh I love the books, they look so pretty!

  2. I LOVE that Polaroid instant camera :)


  3. Absolutely love the apron- too cute. Might just ahve to gift that. xx

  4. GREAT list!!! Some people are SO hard to shop for! I love all your pics, esp the apron and scarf (I know several people who would love these gifts)


  5. Soooo true!!! My impossible one was my I just got him two big Mr Goodbars since he loves those, haha XD
    And so jealous of your Burberry trench :p

  6. that polaroid is calling my name

  7. These ideas are really great! I SOO want that camera!!!

  8. I am envisioning mixing up a few cocktails with that set while wearing the apron and having someone snap pics of the happening with the camera :) In other words, I like/need everything!

  9. My mom is always impossible!! Even when I think i've found her the perfect gift she never uses it lol. I love the polaroid camera though - I may need to add that to my wish list :)

  10. Ann - Love the beautiful books.


  11. The polaroid camera is GENIUS! What a great gift! I love everything on your list!


  12. These ideas are GENIUS. I love the apron and I seriously want that Polaroid camera!
    xo Josie

  13. love these picks lady! especially the polaroid cam... i've wanted one for years!!

  14. these are awesome!! all my gifts are tough this year hence i just purchased the first one this AM.

    i think i need that polaroid on my own list!!

    and for the love of GOD HOW DID YOU NOT HAVE TO USE POLYVORE?? HELP!!


  15. I usually buy those people gift cards. Your ideas are much better!

  16. We all seem to hve the one impossible person to shop for.....great list

  17. Yeah, the polaroid will be my new bff!

    -La Copine