Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Frosted Window Panes (See Jane Decorate)

my first Charlie Brown Christmas tree
I bought my first holiday decorations ever over Thanksgiving.  I never needed to purchase any before because my roommate had a bounty of festive decor.  Since moving in with Eric, I realized that we hardly had more than a Festivus Pole between the two of us and absolutely no holiday decorations to our name.  That scenario just wouldn't suffice in my world, so I insisted that my mom go shopping with me to help me pick out my first few items, which I hope will last me for seasons to come.

I hung the extra mini-ornaments (from the tree) from my mantle with twine.

Faux-frosted sticks + red berries
My decorations are few and far between (i.e. it kind of looks like the Who's house after the Grinch Stole Christmas), but I can't wait to build upon the few things I've collected so far in the upcoming years.

I've seen that so many of you have brought home trees--what other decor do you put up for the holidays?


  1. I have a nutcracker, and I fill up a big vase with old ornaments. Nothing too major...oh wreaths, that is my big one - I love wreaths, front door & in the house.

  2. Oh and a tree too! :) They can be such a hassle but I love having a tree!

  3. Oh, the extra mini ornaments are the cutest!!!


  4. I used to go all out, tree, wreaths, lights, you name it, but this year I decided to keep it simple and just hang our stockings.

  5. You have a good start! Youll add more every year :)

  6. I love your decorations! I haven't even started yet, all I have is a cinnamon candle so far!


  7. I LOVE your little tree! Absolutely adorable. And those cranberries and frosted sticks are so sweet.
    xo Josie

  8. Aww, I love your tree! My house is similar in that we only have a tree, stockings and the Charlie brown christmas tree from Urban outfitters that's literally a stick with one ornament on it. It's so cute! A girlfriend got it for me a few years ago when I was going out of town for Christmas and didn't have a tree. I hope to build on my decorations in future years too, but for right now we don't have room for anything else!


  9. I adore that little tree and all the decorations:) Well done, sweetie
    Kisses and hugs

  10. yayy Christmas decorating!!! :D
    I'm definitely going to have a lot to buy when I move out on my own...my mom has sooo much XD

  11. I love putting ornaments in a glass bowl or vase, any miniature sparkly trees, etc. then I have snowman oven mitts that are funny looking and of course, the tree!

    and I like putting out xmas scented candles. 1 or 2 of those and you're good to go!

  12. i love your mini ornaments hanging on the twine!! it looks great. we got a tree but it's got approximately zilch on it because i'm barely hanging onto my religion due to high stress factors.

    i've got a box of silvery shiny things to put out, but suddenly want everything from my childhood like popcorn on a string.

    sigh. back to the womb in times of distress.


  13. I have that same tree!! I am going to post it soon. Sometimes all you need is a few decorations to get in the spirit!


  14. I love your frosted sticks and berries! I'm still laughing about the Festivus pole - Seinfeld is awesome!

  15. ahaha the who's house comment made me laugh :)

  16. Oh your little tree is so adorable! This is the first year I've had a real tree in a long time and I'm pretty proud of it. We actually did an absurd amount of decorating this year...

  17. I definitely need to step up my festive decorating game! You might have just inspired me to do so =)

  18. I really need to add to my christmas decor! I always put up a big real tree, and have bought lots of pretty ornaments over the last couple years for that, but am lacking general christmas decor! I love your little charlie brown tree, so adorable, and love the branches & berries in the vase!

  19. Lovely start! I have a collection (5 or so) snowman candles. My father is catholic and my mother is jewish so we're big on non-religious decorations at my house. My mum has a really extensive snowman candle collection and when I was in college she started me on a collection of my own!

    xoxo, Ashly