Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mind the Gap (See Jane Shop)

I just realized that I bought a a few months back that is about to expire.  Lucky for me, the deal is for $50 to the Gap.  The caveat to this deal is that I need to spend it soon, as the expiration date is looming.  Though my visits to the Gap are less frequent these days, I've always held a special place for it in my heart since childhood.  I loved Gap hand-me-downs from my sister almost as much as I loved stealing her own tops that were easily three sizes too big on me.  (But, I wore them anyway.  It was the early 90s and practically everything was worn three sizes too big.)  When I begged my mom to take me to the mall when I was a wee middle-schooler, the first stop was always the Gap.  However, I didn't only shop there for their hip, logo sweatshirts; I really loved using their iconic, blue, plastic bags to carry my gym clothes in junior high--in fact, I insisted upon it.  Ah, the frivolity of youth.  If I could tell my 6th grade self anything, I think it would be:  'It doesn't matter if you carry a Gap bag to school--no one will think you're cooler.'

 *clockwise from top left - all photos via the Gap

Anyway, whenever a deadline is put upon a situation such as this, I get anxious.  Will you help me choose?


Katie said...

Anything with sequins always gets my vote!

Fashion Butter said...

The skirt and the sweater are pretty darn cute!

jemina said...

I LOVE that sequin skirt and the peep toe boots :)


delia εïз said...

the sequin skirt :)

xo delia

Kate said...

Gah, I absolutely love all of your picks! Those shoes are incredible (though a $50 gift card won't nearly cover the cost of those, so that's something to factor in while choosing!) and I REALLY love the sequin skirt! Especially for holiday time! The other two are more practical (though still gorgeous) so I guess it depends on if you need a party outfit or something more day to day! Can't wait to see what you choose!

dating diva said...

I love that sweater! I need to check out Gap soon, I'm noticing that I don't have nearly enough warm sweaters.


Amanda said...

Sequin skirt...hands down!

Taylor said...

OOOO girl, I have been eyeing those Pierre Hardy shoes....but wishing it wasn't a peep, though I have seen them styled so cute!!!

And the pleated skirt LOVE!!!! Maybe we should hit up Mich Ave soon?! ;)

365 Fashion Rehab said...

I am torn between the cozy and cute sweater or the sequin skirt. If you are lacking in the sparkly department then do the skirt! Love, A

Nikki said...

Love your picks. I also LOVE Gap intimates. It will be a piece of cake to spend that $50!!


RosaLovesDC said...

I love the sequin skirt!

Kristin said...

That sequin skirt is dying to be taken to a holiday party!!!

Anh said...

Pleated skirt! Or the cable knit sweater! =)

Josie said...

I'm kind of loving Gap right now. Their skinny jeans are suddenly my new favorites and I ADORE that sequined skirt!
xo Josie

Valerie said...

I always find myself back at Gap for the basics and great sweaters. But recently I've been finding all kinds of things there (jeans, belts, work clothes, etc). I feel like they've really stepped it up the last few years. I love the cable knit sweater! That would be my first choice, but everything you posted is adorable.


Kara said...

So hard to pick! I love everything, but I'm always drawn to black shoes.


Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

LOVE the sequin skirt!!!!!!!

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*kiss kiss*

Catita said...

Go for the shoes! you'll end up wearing them at least once a week!

PS: Drop by my blog I am having my first give away!

Closet Fashionista said...

I never really shopped at the Gap but I always love their stuff. Those 4 things are great !! I want them all

Alicia said...

Wow I'm surprised that sequin skirt is The Gap - LOVE it!! perfect for cocktail parties ;) do it!

this free bird said...

um you need at LEAST the shoes and the skirt. and a bag to carry your beachy stuff for when you're in mexico wearing two wedding dresses.

just sayin'


Cindy Gabriella said...

gosh i can't take my eyes of the shoes ! it's so stunning !

Nubiasnonsense said...

The shoes are so prettu and that skirt.. oh my =)

Samantha said...

I would go for the shoes and/or skirt!!

Thanks for the comment, be sure to follow! :o)



Chas said...

Ooh I love all of your picks especially the sequin skirt!