Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Giants Win (See Jane Excited)

I may not care much about baseball and I also may let out a big sigh every Monday morning when I board the plane to San Francisco, but I loved feeling the excitement in the streets after the Giants won the World Series.  San Francisco really is a magical place, even if my exposure to it is limited as I'm generally cooped up at work while here.  Regardless, I've grown to love many things about this place and even when I leave, I know it will always hold a special place in my heart.  Here are my favorite things about the city by the bay (I've included links, in case you're interested):

 The mountains, the oceans, and the fog.
It never seems to dip below 50 degrees
The W in SoMa (my second home) 
Delicious/fresh sushi at the most unassuming places.
Westfield Mall in Union Square (sometimes you need a mall--and this one is awesome)
 So many restaurants serve local, organic, and delicious food
Cheapest (and best) eyebrow waxes/nails

"San Francisco:  The city that knows how."  William Howard Taft, my fellow Ohioan.


  1. San Francisco is on my list of cities I've never been to but I'm pretty sure I'd love.

  2. I LOVE San Francisco too
    I went there when I was a teenager, I wish I could go there again someday :)

    Wishing you a beautiful day :)


  3. Id love to go to SF....ahhh...someday:)

    Have a fab day hunnie!

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  4. One of the blogs I follow is
    and she lives a lovely life in San Fran! Her and her friends are always doing cool things there and she often suggests quaint and yummy restaurants/things to do! Check her out!
    OH AND, Jake and I would LOVE to meet up with you guys over the holidays. We'll be in touch.

  5. You are so lucky that is where you get to travel to for work, I have to say I am jealous!!! I plan others travel/corp events.....Although I am sure you are tired of traveling - it is such a treat!

  6. SF has my heart!!! I ran the SF marathon in July and could not have been happier. I try to make it up to the city at least 3 times a month .... the presidio is one of my favorite places and the food in SF mmm Tartine is my ultimate favorite place!!! XO

  7. I've only been to SF once, but I can agree on those Mission Burritos. We couldn't get enough of them!!


  8. YES!!! Love that you love SF, I bet it was crazy!!!

  9. I do love San Francisco; I hope to get back there soon!
    xo Josie

  10. I love San Francisco too! It's so beautiful there. And I agree about that mall, it's a good one. I just realized I wasn't officially following you! Sorry about that. I am now. I lived in SF for a year after college and it was such a fun place to be. But at the end of the day, I do prefer the weather in LA. I'm a fair weather kind of girl. I still love visiting the city though!


  11. LOVE this post ;) Also, LOVED the SF spirit and Giants pride last night! What a fun time to be living in the city. It really is magical at times... yay for tonight! And I've never tried that sushi place in the Mission...

  12. I really love SF..Its such an amazing place:) Kisses,sweetie and enjoy your day

  13. Loev the photo! and woohooo Giants! :D I only watched a little of the game..haha

  14. I should fly up there sometime if you have to stay for the weekend and we can hang out. I do love SF - my best friend just moved away from there last year and the place holds great memories. People seem so laid back and there's just so much to see and do (read: great food and a cocktail or two). haha

    The giants mayhem looked WILD on tv last night!


  15. I visited there when I was little, but I would love to go back now as an adult and see it newly!

  16. We were very excited too. I've was stuck in San Francisco one night after visiting the wine country. Not a huge fan, must be the situation not the place.

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  17. I agree! I work in the city and was born and raised here! The bay area deserved a little excitement! It's wonderful to see our city so hyped up and proud :) If I wasn't working tomorrow, I'd be at the celebration parade!


  18. I've never been, but would love to go there! Awesome post!