Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Favorites (See Jane List)

The heat wave this past weekend was a pleasant surprise.  Nights without jackets and days in tee shirts--definitely not commonplace for October.  As nice as it was, it made me long for fall.  I realize that come February I will be cursing myself for ever wishing for cooler temperatures, but 87 degrees in October just doesn't seem right.  Until it gets brisk again, I need to remind myself of why I love fall:

-  stepping on crunchy leaves
-  halloween
-  new TV seasons/shows
-  flannel anything
-  laying on the couch with a blanket and a pumpkin-scented candle lit in the background
-  thick, fashion magazines (fall issues!)
-  pumpkin/apple flavored anything
-  soups + chilis
-  scarves
-  daylight savings - i love falling back and getting an extra hour of sleep
-  Columbus + Veterans' Days - Oh WAIT, I don't get those holidays off

What do you love about fall?


  1. GREAT reasons to love Fall hunnie....itll be here soon:)

    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  2. I miss Halloween! I tried dressing up last year and having a few people over, but it wasn't the same AT ALL.

  3. I love it all, especially everthing pumpkin flavored!

  4. Love your loves about fall!! I don't even have anything to add...maybe hot chocolate, haha :D

  5. Yeah I don't get those days off either. :)

    I'm with you on pumpkin anything! Cheesecake, pancakes, lattes, cupcakes...I just love pumpkin! And the candles - oh yes, the candles.

  6. i agree-come feb we will be kicking ourselves! but i also posted today about my fave fall clothing items that are longing to be worn! i love butternut squash anything-soup, ravioli...yummm!


  7. I am SO excited about everything on your list! (except the holidays I didn't get off either)


  8. YAY, I am not alone I not getting those days off! hehe

    You list is perfect! I would add - long walks where clutching your honey is more that PDA it is a necessity! (Goodness newlywed mush status!)

    Also, layering! layers are so perfect in fall you can get away without a large coat if you add simple little extras (scarfs, camis - things you wouldn't think of wearing all summer long)!

    The change in seasonal foods - yum!!! Fall root veggies, in soups or on pasta!

  9. I love the smells and scents of fall :)

  10. I love it :)))))



  11. I love so many things about fall. The fashion, pumpkin anything, the colors of the leaves on the trees, and being able to make my favorite slow cooking comfort foods ; )

  12. Happy Tuesday Anna Jane!

    I was looking at the same photo as the one you posted. Great minds think alike :)

    Oooh I loove fall (fashion) magazines.


  13. Oh love that fall brings soup and chilli, so yummy. Love a good chill in the air!

  14. I love crisp morning runs!! And I too love scarves and love to drink tons of tea. Love your list! xo

  15. I love the crisp mornings, cozy chunky sweaters, drinking hot tea / coffee, halloween!, carving pumpkins ... changing colors of the leaves / trees. Ah there are so many things I love about fall! PS: I'm going to email you about meeting up before you leave sf! ;)

  16. It's been hot here too and although I wished for warm weather all summer, I'm the same way about longing for Fall weather. I love all the same things about Fall that you mentioned! Especially anything pumpkin/apple and curling up with a blanket while watching Fall TV and reading thick magazines. And the pumpkin patch!


  17. Love your list. I love crunching in leaves (i think i saw 5 yesterday and jumped on them anyway) and anything apple pie-ish. It calls my name!


  18. I love cozy sweaters and scarves, caramel apples and cider, hot chocolate and the flutter of leaves falling around your feet. Nice post:)

    Amy R.

  19. Every blessed thing on your list, my dear, is what fall is to me! It's been way to hot, honestly, and I'm desperate to wear a pair of boots with jeans!
    xo Josie

  20. Couldn't agree more about the holidays. I love 3 day weekends so much - it's like a dagger to my heart. I also love flannel. and foliage. and pumpkin bread! and crisp sunny days! and lists! with exclamation points! whoa, sorry got a little carried away there...

    xoxo, Ash

  21. Couldn't agree more, standing on crunchy leaves is the best!