Friday, October 29, 2010

Blue Suede Shoes (See Jane Like)

I find myself drawn to these blue, suede shoes.  I can't really envision myself wearing them, yet I find them completely intriguing.  There is something so Alexander McQueen about these shoes and the navy makes them even more enticing.  However, I know myself and I just wouldn't wear these very often.  The Dolce Vita Hayword, on the other hand, is something I could see myself in...


Would you wear these blue, suede shoes?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Real Life (See Jane Praise)

While I love magazines and enjoy perusing the latest runway collection, nothing revs my engines like blogs and street style pictures.  I love seeing what people are wearing in their day to day lives, rather than seeing models who most likely spent five hours in hair and makeup, all while surround by a bevy of stylists.  It's so much more inspirational knowing that bloggers and those stylish strangers you pass by every day are pulling together these fantastic looks themselves.  

Below are two examples of what I love about street style.  While the women are impeccably dressed, it's also believable--not everyone can run around the city in six-inch heels all day!  Simple, attainable, and realistic:

I'm hopeful that my personal style will continue to grow and thrive, no matter how old I become.  I'm sure many of you would agree that your style is constantly evolving, because if it isn't, it wouldn't be fun anymore.  And if it isn't fun, what's the point? 

Thanks for your constant inspiration and ideas, everyone!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Only the Lonely (See Jane Wear)

I need to start out by stating that I'm a tad embarrassed by this post.  I haven't been home since the 17th and I feel obligated to do an outfit post because I've had my camera with me this whole time.  Enter:  self-timer, solo shots.  No remote.  No tripod.  Just me in my hotel room, post-work, with Seinfeld blaring in the background.  Are you depressed yet?  Yes, the pictures aren't the best, but since I liked the outfit I wore to work that day, so I felt compelled I'd share.  I promise never to take my boyfriend and his photography skills for granted again!

J Crew top, Theory pants, J Crew shoes, Urban Outfitters necklace, Michele watch, Goody hair tie
 These are the best ones--by a long shot.  Maybe some day, if you're up for a laugh, I'll share a few more.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Miss Dottie (See Jane Speckled)

Since I reside in a city that insists on having arctic winters, tights are a necessary evil.  Sure, they're fun at first when the temperatures are a mild 35 degrees (that's nothing for Chicago winters), but once winter really starts to pick up, long after the holidays, you'll yearn for the days when you could wear bare legs to the office.


I found dotted, hose-like socks from H&M (worn here and here) and fell in love with the twist on a hosiery basic.  Since then, I bought these black dotted tights from The Gap a few weeks back and I can't stop wearing them.  Unfortnuately, they seem to snag a bit more than normal tights; however, the price can't be beat (2 for $20), so I wont break the bank buying several pairs to last me through winter.

A few more reasonably priced options (all under $15) include:

Monday, October 25, 2010

LA Confidential (See Jane Weekend)

I journeyed from San Francisco to Los Angeles this past weekend to visit my beloved brother and sister-in-law.  As a regular visitor to LA (their couch gets a lot of action from me), I pride myself on sort of knowing my way around the city.  From shopping on 3rd street to drinks in West Hollywood to watching Bravo on the couch, every moment was filled.  The weekend was filled with laughs, sarcastic jabs, and calorie-laden foods.  In other words, it was perfection.

 cookie bar from Magnolia Bakery (didn't know there was an LA location!)
hanging with my neph-cat, Gary (he says hey)

last meal of the weekend (go big or go home)
I even met a favorite blogger of mine, Carrie from This Free Bird, at the Hungry Cat in Hollywood.  Her and le Chef were real gems and we had a great time bonding over seafood and salads!  When I return to LA, I will definitely be meeting up with her again, especially since I'm a bonehead and forgot my camera so I didn't get any pictures of our rendezvous.  Next time, Carrie!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just Live (See Jane Be)

"Even when I was little, I can't think of what I'd like to be" - John Lennon.

This post is dedicated to my handsome, heroic, father who is just as talented and sprightly as the great and late John Lennon--his musical hero.  I'm convinced that everyone comes into their own at their own pace and at their own point in time.  Don't let deadlines dictate you and don't let others dictate what you do.  John Lennon didn't even know what he wanted to do.  You are your own person.  Make your own rules and set your own path.

Sometimes I need to make motivational speeches to get through the week--it's been a long one.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A-mason Grace (See Jane Plan)

Ooh boy, sorry everyone--you asked for it.  All of you so graciously replied that you wouldn't mind wedding planning details in my blog, so I apologize in advance if you were just being polite.  I am a big fan of the wedding blog Style Me Pretty and if you've ever taken a peek, you know that the use of mason jars in decor is quite prevalent.  Some may argue that the look 'is done (boo) but I love the rustic and vintage feel of mason jars and hope to incorporate them into my Mexican fiesta.

Some of my favorite uses of mason jars at weddings:



There is something so crafty about mason jars that produce an down-home, comfortable feeling.  It doesn't matter how much I see them on wedding blogs--they're so unabashedly cute!  Would you (or did you) allow them at your wedding?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We Can Work It Out (See Jane Sweat)

If you're looking for a work out buddy, keep searching.  I'm not athletic.  I hate working out.  It's not that I need to get back on the wagon, it's that I missed the wagon in the first place.  I know that exercise is essential to my health and out of all exercise, I prefer basic yoga best (unfortunately, I'm not too good at it).  Nevertheless, I went to Bikram Yoga last week for the first time actually wasn't bad considering the horror stories I've heard.  I survived.  To distract myself from the stifling heat and pitter-patter sounds of dripping sweat , I conjured up new workout outfits.  In all honestly, I haven't bought new ones in an embarrassingly long time--maybe since college.  Yikes.  If I want to continue this health kick, I'm going to need some new gym clothes! 

What do you suggest?  Is it Lululemon or bust?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Who Knew (See Jane Suprised)

I never thought I would be one to say the phrase 'cargo jeggings,' let alone buy a pair--recent interest in cargo pants was a big step in itself.  I couldn't help myself, though.  As soon as I saw them on a mannequin as I passed by American Eagle, my curiosity was piqued.  When I saw the price (under $20), I knew I had to have them.  This isn't my first pair of leggings disguised as denim material, but it is my first pair of cargo pants since junior high.

Anthropologie blazer, F21 top, American Eagle jeggings, J Crew shoes (here + here)

A year ago, if you could have told me that I would be buying green, cargo, jeggings (a cringe-worthy word in itself) from American Eagle, I would have demanded a refund of my future.  My how time changes perspective--I've been wearing these non-stop!

Friday, October 15, 2010

More to Louvre (See Jane Sightsee)

I've been going through pictures that I want to print and frame at our new apartment, which really isn't so new these days (we've been there four months).  I came across these pictures from our recent trip to Europe and they just made me smile--probably because of the bizarre expressions on our faces.  

There's Eric, probably thinking:  "what're gonna do about it?"   And then there's me, probably saying:  "Err..whaa?"
Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Loafing (See Jane Idle)

Did you have penny loafers when you were growing up?  I did.  Did you love sticking pennies in them?  Sure did. 

I want penny loafers a bad way.  And not just because I want(ed) to be Stacy from the Babysitters Club.  You don't have to look like you're in 6th grade anymore when wearing penny loafers!  They will look awesome with cuffed jeans or even a mini skirt with tights.

To loaf or not to loaf?  I wish I still fit into my pair from elementary school.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Flower Power (See Jane Choose)

I don't really discuss my pending wedding much on this blog--mostly because I don't want to bore you.  Here are a two set in stone facts on my pending nuptials:  it's in May 2011 and it's in Sayulita, Mexico (not at a hotel).

I wouldn't post about something that wasn't important.  My concern du jour are flowers.  I asked my wedding planner (she lives down there) about florists and more specifically flowers native to the area and she informed me that Mexico doesn't have peonies--the only flower I actually asked about.  Qu'elle horreur!  Yes, they can ship them in, but it'll cost me.  My fluffy, flower dreams are being shattered.  May is prime time for peonies, too, which just shakes salt into my wounds.

I'm no botanist, so I need to expand my horizons.  What is your favorite flower?  Any peony lovers out there with viable alternatives?

Disclaimer:  I promise to never bore you with this topic again.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Favorites (See Jane List)

The heat wave this past weekend was a pleasant surprise.  Nights without jackets and days in tee shirts--definitely not commonplace for October.  As nice as it was, it made me long for fall.  I realize that come February I will be cursing myself for ever wishing for cooler temperatures, but 87 degrees in October just doesn't seem right.  Until it gets brisk again, I need to remind myself of why I love fall:

-  stepping on crunchy leaves
-  halloween
-  new TV seasons/shows
-  flannel anything
-  laying on the couch with a blanket and a pumpkin-scented candle lit in the background
-  thick, fashion magazines (fall issues!)
-  pumpkin/apple flavored anything
-  soups + chilis
-  scarves
-  daylight savings - i love falling back and getting an extra hour of sleep
-  Columbus + Veterans' Days - Oh WAIT, I don't get those holidays off

What do you love about fall?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Leather 'n Lace (See Jane Wear)

It was Indian Summer in Chicago this past weekend.  Although the leaves have begun to change and fall off the trees, temperatures crept into the 80s.  I've mentally checked out of summer so when I had to pick an outfit for a night out, I drew a blank.  I had my mind set on wearing the J Crew lace skirt so I kept it simple and topped it with a plain black tee and basic brown belt.  As predicted, I love this lace skirt and know that it will be worn many times this winter.  My good friend showed up to the party with the same skirt, but in a pretty, jewel-toned green; the colors were so different that I didn't even realize we were wearing the same skirt until someone else pointed it out.

H&M top, socks + belt, J Crew skirt + shoes, Marc Jacobs bag

Also, I took off the socks before I left the house.  They were a little too slippery in those heels.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lots 'O Lace (See Jane Crazed)

It seems I've got lace on the brain.  Below are some of my latest purchases and it seems as if I have a one track mind these days:  Lace or Bust!

1. Forever 21 Lace Cardigan.  It was almost as if I was transported back to my sophomore year of college when everyone had the sequin, crochet boleros from BCBG.  I wanted one badly, but my mom said no.  This cardigan has a similar feel, so I still must be subconsciously pining for that bolero.  It's been five years, but good things come to those who wait....I guess. 
2. Free People Top.  Can't get more 90s than a tight, lacy, long-sleeve top.  To lessen the Six from Blossom feel of the top (you know she wore these under vests), I recently tucked it into a pencil skirt and wore it to work.
3. J Crew Lace Mini.  I just bought this skirt and while I won't be wearing it with a tie (I get it, J Crew--you like menswear), I definitely forsee myself wearing it to death.  I'm already envisioning how I plan to wear it this weekend.  A blazer and tights, perhaps?

Are you in love with lace?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Little Pumpkin (See Jane Whoopie)

I'm addicted to BrownEyedBaker.  When she made Pumpkin Whoopie Pies last week, it only took me once glance and knew I would be making them at my parents house over the weekend.  It was a cool and crisp weekend in Ohio and the leaves were starting to turn--I knew this was my chance to make these bites of pumpkin bliss (and because my mom had all the ingredients on hand).  They were surprisingly easy to make and a real crowd-pleaser among my family--especially with my little pumpkin of a nephew, William.

Oh, William, it was really nothing.

My whoopie pies definitely weren't as attractive as the BrownEyedBaker's, (I'm a novice baker at best), but they sure were delicious!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Old Friends (See Jane Be There For You)

One common Tuesday, I walked into my place of work and my office buddy (for now at least, I'm a consultant) told me I was dressed like Rachel Greene from Friends, the early years.  I pursed my lips, looked sideways suspiciously, and finally shrugged, 'hmm.' Then, I took it as a total compliment. 

I can't believe people are already nostalgic for the mid-90s already; I know the longing for the early 90s started a few years back, but am I ready for outfits likening Elaine Benes and Blossom?  I guess I'm more than ready as I pined after a pair of boots that looked like they were taken from my 2nd grade closet (or the set of Pippin, you decide).  For now, I am content channeling Rachel Greene.  Here is a version of my outfit the day I decided to be an extra at the Central Perk:

Are you tied to the 90s?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Something Borrowed (See Jane Use)

I headed back to the homeland to see my parents and sisters this past weekend.  The best parts about going home (rather than the obvious company of loved ones) include:  the abundance of food in the fridge, suburban malls, roads without traffic, and raiding my sister's closet.  We are similar in size and build and I don't think we've ever been together without swapping something in our closets.  In fact, I usually don't put a whole lot of thought into packing when I visit home, as I know I'll always find something to wear.

sister's H&M coat, sister's UO jeggings, sister' Luella for Target button down, H&M tank, Zara boots

(...And clearly see above some flour got on my pants.  I also love baking at home because my mom has a stocked pantry.  I will show the the fruits of my labor later on this week.)

Also, thank you for the suggestions on how to wear the Zara boots!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Blogger Swap + Results (See Jane Reveal)

I'm embarrassed.  I completely forgot to do my post on the Blogger Swap that took place nearly two months ago.  The lovely Kiley at A Sequin Dress at Breakfast was my partner and sent me the most thoughtful gifts (the theme was floral).  Two months late, I feel guilty and undeserving of the floral earrings, headband, lip glosses, and luggage tag (she knows me so well, as I'm basically George Clooney from Up In the Air).  Thank you so much, Kiley!  I took this picture awhile ago and can assure you all the gifts have been put to very good use.

I have another announcement, but this one is much more timely.  The winner of the $35 CSN gift card is....

(#10 via  - I wish I knew how to copy and paste that but I'm not that savvy, so you'll just have to take me for my word)  Congratulations Samantha!  I'll be emailing you the details this weekend.

Have a great weekend, everyone.