Monday, September 13, 2010

NYFW (See Jane Envy)

We're now in the thralls of New York Fashion Week and I'm enjoying reading up on the daily happenings.  I know many of you ventured out to the events (some via plane, others via cab) and I couldn't be more jealous.  The onset of Fashion Week has almost reminded me of the fact that not only summer is definitely over, but fall is now in full swing...and now I'm fawning over clothes that won't be out until Spring 2011.  Where does the time go?

Some of my favorites:

Alexander Wang

Ports 1961

Peter Som

I'm seeing a lot of updated 90s styles along with minimalism (and I love it).  Have you been reading up on any of the shows (or have you been lucky enough to attend)?


  1. Im loving all the taupes this season so far.....:)

    Statements in Fashion

  2. I really like minimalism b/c I think it means I get to sleep an extra 5 minutes every morning haha.

  3. So far, I havent seen anything I havent loved!!

  4. I LOVED the Ports 1961 collection... Also fell in love with Jason Wu this season. Absolutely gorgeous.
    xo Josie

  5. How about that Wang deconstruction? Wowza! And I LOVED Vivenne Tam's global influence!

  6. I'm right with you on the Ports 1961. I thought it was breathtaking. I haven't fully examined the AWang - probably because it'll make me cry realizing I don't have the budget for it. oy


  7. So wish I was there with you:-) Enjoy!!!

  8. Oh I love the AWang photos that I've seen. Ugh, how I wish I could have gone - maybe next year! :)

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