Thursday, August 5, 2010

G.I. Jane (See Jane Salute)

True to form, I paired a simple, white dress, found deep in my closet, with an army green jacket that I forgot I even owned.  There's something alluring about the juxtaposition of a prim and proper white dress topped with a stiff, canvas military jacket.  So different, yet so complementary--sort of like macaroni & cheese with hot dogs (did I just lose you and/or make you ill?).  Add some suede, black sandals and you've got yourself a whole gamut of textures.

 Theory dress, H&M jacket, Boutique 9 sandals, Ray Ban sunglasses, Michele watch

My post sounded so sophisticated before I brought up hot dogs.


  1. You look magnificent!!! what a great pairing!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE, xoxo

  2. I love this, really great combination of styles and textures. I tend to play with colors more than any other elements, so this is inspiring for me to get out of my comfort zone.

    Thoes shoes are absolutely fabulous!

    And...since I'm a vegetarian, I can't really appreciate the mac & cheese with hot dogs. Peanut butter and banana, maybe? :)

  3. looking good - who is your photog?!

  4. Just found your blog! Love the outfit it looks amazing! The coat and shoes are perfect! I am now following you :)

    Giveaway on my blog, check it out :)

  5. hahaha.. @ the hotdog comment, so funny! But I agree they go together like mac n cheese n hot dogs? lol! Lovely outfit!

    <3 Kelly

  6. haha so funny.
    Your outfit is awesome and I love the combination. You look great!


  7. Haha, you're so cute! :D Love the hotdog/mac-n-cheese reference...I've always loved that combo! Yummm! :)

    As for your outfit? I lovveee it! And those shoes are HOT!


    p.s. thx for the super sweet comment!

  8. I love your shoes! and this is a great work outfit :D

  9. This is an adorable outfit. I'm completely obsessed with army green right now. Oh, and love your nail polish color!

  10. the hotdogs comments made me laugh :) I eat that though, don't worry! and i LOVE these pictures - you look great - and the new prof pic!

  11. love this. beyond!! long live hotdogs w/mac and cheese...but even more THAT OUTFIT!!!


  12. you are just too cute! did you buy that fabulous jacket when you picked up my adorable floral scarf? i loooove it! i'm honestly sitting here right now with my new earrings on! :) i'm SO sorry for the delay your package is almost on it's way!

  13. Adorable outfit!!! I think those were great choices and I LOVE the shoes...


  14. Love the jacket! Also, I sent the necklace on Saturday, so if it doesn't come soon let me know! :)

  15. Hahaha, I forgive you your hot dog mention because I <3 them. You look so pretty and finding ways to toughen up girly pieces is a favorite habit of mine as well.

    xoxo, Ashley

  16. I love this outfit so much! Such a clashing of elements like you said.

    Actually hot dogs + mac and cheese sounds like an intriguing combo. I'll have to try it the next time I encounter both. :)

  17. Macaroni and hot dogs was my favorite Saturday lunch until I was 16 or so. Okay. It still is my favorite. So I'm with you on that. I'm OBSESSED with this look; the mix is so fantastic! You look stunning, love!
    xo Josie

  18. I love this combination. And cuuuuute shoes! Just came across your blog and am now following : )

  19. I'm loving this brick wall that you've been using as a backdrop lately! And the photos are so fantastic with the new camera. I can't wait to get mine. The jacket you're wearing here is really lovely, I'm in need of some light transitional jackets. It's one of those items that you always forget about until the morning when you need it!

  20. i love your shoes :)

  21. I love your jacket! Almost as much as I love hot dogs and mac & cheese! Now you've got me all hungry, and I'm trying to be on a diet - lol! :)


  22. i just came across your blog too, and absolutely love it! the outfit is so effortlessly chic! definitely following on bloglovin!

  23. love love your shoes! and i've never tried macaroni cheese with hot dogs, so i can't really say i agree with you!

  24. I am ALWAYS a fan of fashion contradictions! Gorgeous look!

  25. I love this...really great combination...

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