Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Furrowed Brow (See Jane Squint)

I stare at a computer all day at work and I'm betting that many of you can relate.  Do you ever catch yourself, hunched over, shoulders rolled forward, squinting 5-inches from the computer screen?  It's a shameful position, really.  Whenever I catch myself like that, I immediately shoot up, sit up as straight as I can and give a quick look-around to ensure nobody saw me in such an unnatural position.  Give yourself a break, stretch, and look away from the computer, for at least one minute every hour.  Not only will it give your eyes a much needed break, but it will move those muscles and keep you from getting all Quasimodo (read:  The Hunchback of Notre Dame).

While the wrinkles caused by squinting aren't totally curable, I'm hoping I can prevent some in the future.  Is anyone using a fantastic eye cream that they'd like to share with me? 


  1. HA HA HA, you crack me up babe :)) I heard L'occitane Immortelle Range is quite good :)) xoxo

  2. this is too funny-yes i can SO relate! i currently have q-ectin eye cream in my med cabinet and slap it on whenever i remember, don't feel like it does much but i used to use a clinique eye cream and really think it worked on dark circles! finally i finished my post about the fab floral package you sent me! :)

  3. That is practically me all day long. I need to be better about it!


  4. As I was reading your blog I was doing just that - squinting and hunching over reading the computer screen! I find my neck and shoulders are tense from sitting at a desk all day, too. I must BREAK these bad habits!!

    I found a really good eye cream in Las Vegas when I was there in June at a mall kiosk. I usually just pass by them because a lot of the sales people at those things are so pushy but I gave in and let the girl who was selling them try the products on me and I saw a difference right away. The line is called Orogold and all the skincare products are made with flakes of gold! I use a gel that helps boost collagen and prevents fine lines and wrinkles and then a cream on top of that for under-eye circles. The bad news is that this line is soooo expensive. But the good news: it really works.

  5. LOL< I am the same hunchback all day too!!!! Maybe i do need to go get those glasses things! LOL.....I got really bad last winter and had to go to the chiropractor - all better now and stretch and take walk breaks often!!!

  6. okay i was literally sitting like this and felt a surge of guilt!! and fear of osteoporosis!!

    eyecream: dermalogica. i swear by it. i have zero crow's feet. zero. before bed i apply some facial oil (not greasy don't be scared) and right as the lights are going out a hint of vaseline around the outer eye. i kid you not - one of my friends' grandmothers told me this and she was 80 with minimal eye wrinkles!!

    k. that's all i've got.


  7. ahaha! I don't use no eye cream!I'm a strange woman...

  8. haha "shameful" look, it really is!

  9. I'm such a huncher - I even do it in outfit posts! I like Freeze 24-7's anti-aging stuff - it isn't too harsh (which I figure is ok...seeing as how I'm 24). It's kind of expensive but you can usually find it on Hautelook or Ruelala every few months. Email me at if you want me to send you invites to either.

    xoxo, Ashley

  10. I know exactly what you mean. When I catch myself squinting, I flip out! Computer screens and in the sun are the worst -- hence my sunglasses obsession. Dior eye cream is fantastic... And obsessed with the photo from The Sandlot!
    xo Josie

  11. sometimes i catch myself on my laptop so much that i need to pull myself away only to find myself glued to my blackberry!! haha

    stop by sometime <3