Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Organized Chaos (See Jane Neat)

If you're anything like me, you may struggle with organization.  That's not to say I have trouble getting things done; in fact, I consider myself a savvy multitasker.  However, my inner monologue is constantly going and sometimes a girl just needs a list...or ten. 

Thanks to modern-day technology, I don't have to saunter into Office Max (please, no) to get organized.  Organization is at your fingertips, thanks to the internet.  You can find all the items below at Sorting With Style.

*clockwise from top left

Olive To-Do Sticky Notes - Make a list, check it twice, then stick it on the fridge so you remember.
Light Blue Chalk Board - I've expressed my love for chalkboards before and it hasn't waned since.
Clover Green Notepad - I still take handwritten notes at work (it helps me retain information better) and this lively pad would make such a daunting task much more enjoyable.
Woodgrain Pencil Cup - Because if my pens weren't in this, they'd be strewn about my desk.

Are you also organizationally-challenged?  Please share your secrets (seriously).


  1. I am seriously challenged in this area. I sometimes feel like I need a week to get my life organized, but that never happens.

    I am in love with that pencil cup!


  2. WOW!!! Thanks for these wonderful finds (and tips) my dear!!! BRILLIANT!!! xoxo

  3. I don't love cleaning, but I'm a big fan of organizing. I make lists on anything and everything that is set in front of me -- notepads, receipts, dayplanners... It's a problem.
    xo Josie

  4. im horrible at tit too!

  5. I'm actually quite good at organizing. I just don't have space sometimes...haha
    I always have lists and things too

  6. I'd love to share my secrets. If I had some.

    Think tornado.

    Here's my tornado secret: walk into a room, can't find something, throw everything everywhere, get depressed, walk out and try to clean it up in 3 days.

    Things aren't looking good.


  7. I'm big on lists and post it's and using my outlook calendar to set reminders. What would we do without these things? And now with my iphone, I feel like I'm more organized than ever. Great post!


  8. I love all of these ideas! Off to check them out/maybe buy all of them. ;)


  9. I love organizing :) Love what you listed!

  10. I'm kind of bad at being organized but i also love organizational things...i like the thought of being organized, a lot!