Thursday, July 22, 2010

Daydream Believer (See Jane Drift Off)

Is it just me or has this week been both completely painful and never-ending?  I thought yesterday was Friday, I kid you not.  I'm barely keeping afloat right now amidst my new work assignment, brutal travel schedule, and mild (and recent) case of ADD.  I haven't taken a vacation in basically a year due to various reasons and have a 12 day European holiday coming up in a mere month.   Light, meet Tunnel.

Sometimes I need to let my mind wander to keep sane during a hectic week.

Great trips I've taken...

Salty comfort foods...

 My own comfy bed...

My support system... 

 *My parents last summer.  (I love this picture)

 What gets you through a long week?


  1. Yeah, somehow this week has been a drag to me too, here's wishing you a wonderful day and week ahead of you :)), xoxo

  2. supportive AND disinterested. they're talented folks.

  3. your parents are too cute!
    I know what you mean, this week wont end!


  4. Ahh I feel like these are how the weeks are going to be when I start my job! I better start getting my daydreams ready to go! haha

  5. I'm exhausted this week as well, my dear! I could so go for a soft bed and a bowl of buttery popcorn right now... "Top Chef" is the BEST because it gives me something to look forward to on Wednesdays... Totally helps me!
    xo Josie

  6. wow! lovely pics
    your blog is great!

  7. Making plans to look forward too helps me! And running or working out at the end of the day so that when I sleep I SLEEP. In fact, I'm about to go for a run right now because this week has felt kind of endless for me too. But at least the end is in sight now!

    xoxo, Ashley

  8. I had to laugh. Isn't it the worst when you think it's Friday and it is only Wed! That is the WORST!

    Yay for Friday tomorrow! :)


  9. It's definitely a long week! I think everyone has been feeling that :)

  10. Your bed looks so comfy! I love it